March 14, 2014


Happy Friday, friends! I was uber blessed to get some sunshine this week and the Vitamin D has definitely done me well. That said, I hope you all had a wonderful week and even awesome-r weekend! 

This instagram made me smile.

Why is it that toddlers have the cutest birthday parties these days?

I didn't actually get a chance to see Catching Fire last weekend (I know, right?), but I'm finally getting a chance to tomorrow night. Better late than never, right?

This is quite easily the best gift bag ever.

Do you consider yourself creative? What about highly creative?

A cute card perfect for spring.

I've always wanted to try out a little jumpology. I guess now's the time!

Because this is not the end of your story.

And because spring is coming, too.

This new collection is so much fun.

Did you link-up with The Circle yet? If you're into spring and new seasons (and making new friends, too!), now's the time to link-up! And a special thank you for all of you regulars. You ladies rock  and encourage me to keep hosting this link-up. You also know exactly who you are!

So honored to call this talented photography blogger my friend.

These printables will go perfectly with this photo project of mine!

A story about banana muffins that you've got to read. Such a beautifully written story and such a beautiful reminder about loving everyone, too.

There's nothing more to say except for the fact that I love this outfit.

I never would have thought this combination could be good, but it oddly enough sounds (and looks!) amazing!

I've got two Everyday Moments posts scheduled for this month and have been blown away by your writing, your hearts, and your everyday moments, too. This series has been such a blessing and I have loved learning from you. Thanks for helping me with this project, friends!

This cake has a crazy almost tongue twister of a name, but it sounds amazing.

And I am loving this new-to-me blog! This girl has some great style and I've been loving her posts, too!

I got all my books for this other project, too! I cannot wait to spill the beans and tell you which ones I bought. Any guesses?

I've always loved felt flowers, but felt succulents? Yep, in love with those, too.

On springing forward. Have I told you how many times I adore this blog?

Have a great one!


  1. So many great links here, thanks for sharing! I was especially tickled by the felt succulents tutorial. And yes, Spring IS coming. 6 days.

    1. Thanks, Traci! I'm so excited that you read through that long post of mine and are commenting, too! :) And yes, Spring IS coming--so excited for it! And I'm also with you on the felt succulents. They are perfect for the brown thumb in me.

  2. + oh my gosh - the donut instagram= hilarious!
    + the woodland toddler birthday - saw that the other day and LOVED IT! so cute. i want it as MY BIRTHDAY now haha.
    + uh i want that giftbag too!
    + the flower card is so cute! i once got a seed card and fell in love with it!
    + loved the jumping photos too - saw that earlier this week, great thoughts on it!
    + i loved...that this is not the end of your story...i desperately needed to read that today. thank you.
    + i need to link up for the circle (and get you an every day moments post, maybe i can actually MAKE THAT HAPPEN this weekend haha)
    + girl you are too kind - i am definitely not a photographer but i am most definitely your friend ;). hahhahaha
    + uh the banana muffin...i love her heart, and how she is challenging other believers to really step out. amen sister amen.
    + love the hello dress!
    + woot woot new books!
    + <3 <3 <3 the felt succulents!

    as always great finds!

    1. Haha, I so agree with you on these links. From the woodland birthday party, to the instagram photo, to the banana muffin photo, to the felt succulents. So many great links in the world wide web lately! :)

  3. Love all these links girl!
    that birthday party was so cute!
    This is not the end of your story post--loved it!
    the jumping photos- loved those too! We need to hang out and bake, and you can teach me how to take photos :)
    LOVE The everyday moments posts--I can't wait to give you mine! I have the photos i just need to write the post.
    the circle--loved this months topic. so good!
    excited for your book project as well.

    1. Same here, haha! :) I love these links and always love that I can count on your to like them, too. :)

      And as for the posts and my projects, I'm so excited to read yours and cannot wait to see where they take me, too. Here's to blogging!


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