May 23, 2014


Happy Friday, my friends! To be honest, TGIF couldn't be a truer statement for me. This past week was a little crazy, to say the least. There were definite moments of frustration which made me oh, so glad for songs like this that spoke every word I couldn't. That said, hooray for weekends! And long weekends at that.

I hope you all have a wonderful (and safe) weekend and enjoy each moment to the max. Have a great one!

Do you have coffee table books?

I've always loved rubber stamps and reading this post has sparked my interest in getting some customized. I mean, how fun would it be to design a rubber stamp and use it for blogging business cards?

Um, this sounds amazing (and incredibly easy to make, too!).

I've always liked the idea of embossing some stationery. Have you tried it before?

My goodness, these photos are stunning.

I'm always game for a good before + after post!

Can someone please tell me why is Jennifer Lawrence so funny? I keep seeing her around the internet and cannot believe how genuinely hilarious she is. Someone please tell me why she isn't she my next door neighbor. Seriously, please explain this to me!

On blogging and originality.

And on obedience. This post spoke right to my heart.

Now this is the best love story out there.

And some beautiful family photos. And can I just say that I love their idea of getting photos taken when they're traveling and out and about? How's that for the best souvenir ever?

Backyard weddings are my fave (no, they really are--this one is cute, too!).

This pin made me smile.

Plus 9 treats to serve at your next party.

I absolutely adore this post series.

And I absolutely enjoyed reading all of your goals for this month's The Circle topic. Let's just say you all left me super inspired and excited for summer!

121 things to do instead of spend money.

On living with less and living with more of God.

This is my kind of DIY tote.

And this is my kind of dessert.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend! How are you spending your weekend? Do you have plans for a roadtrip, barbecue, or camping trip? I'm hoping to go hiking (again!), shopping, and maybe get some graduation/end of the year gifts for family and friends, too. Got any suggestions for gift ideas?


  1. TGIF indeed. And goodness, you rounded up a lot of amazing links this week! I love that bedroom before & after, and after just having some family photos done that I love, I'm still really into checking out other great ones for ideas for next time - thanks for sharing. And have a great weekend!

    1. Glad you liked them! I always enjoy writing and creating these posts and it's so much fun to hear that other people like reading and clicking the links just as much as I like writing them.

      And I am so very, very glad it's the weekend and that I get a chance to relax. I hope you get a chance to, too! :)

  2. ahh i'm so sorry this week was BLEH for you (weeks like those blow!) but God is ever-present <3
    + i do have some coffee table books. currently i have art booklets from my favorite studio downtown, a 1950s book, a vintage sweets book (that i LOVE!) my ireland/scotland picture books and some charleston magazines - so A LOT ha

    + i've thought of using rubber stamps before - and i LOVE her post...definitely considering it now!

    + free-handed embossing?! SHUT THE FRONT DOOR!!! that is incredible!

    + i think i just swooned over those pictures. seriously...stunning!

    + oh. my. gosh. that before and after! so light and airy i am IN LOVE. (i wouldn't have moved out the wooden piece of furniture though i loved it haha)

    + seriously every. single. post. you linked to today = perfection. simply perfection.

    + i literally want to SQUEEZE the family pictures on the beach - i can't even handle how good/cute they are!

    + i love the 121 things to do instead of spending money = HOLLA!

    great list as always!
    memorial day weekend will be spent cleaning/ yard work / friend time / a wedding / a cookout-gamenight / and hopefully some sunshine! :)
    (so jealous you're going hiking!)

  3. also ^ WOAH that was a beast of a're welcome.

    1. Haha, that was most definitely a beast of a comment! But I love reading other people's thoughts on my links because they're so often the same as mine and it reminds me of all our similarities. :)

      That said, I completely agree with you on the stamps. I've thought a lot about it and think it would be a fun way to create business cards or something. I also love what you said about embossing, too. I'm thinking it would be (yet another) fun summer project. Also, I love your books on your coffee table. Can I please come visit? I seriously do not need yet another visit to crash your house. :)

      And have a wonderful weekend! It looks like you'll be staying busy and I hope you enjoy every minute of it! And yes, I am super excited to go hiking. It's pretty much on my to-do list for the rest of this spring/summer.

  4. + I LOVE coffee table books! I don't have too many of my own right now, but I definitely have a list of ones that I want to include, for instance: the Disney "Art Of..." books, an Ansel Adams photography book, Jimmy Fallon's Thank-You Notes, and my photo books that I have made of NOLA (which I already have) and the one I will soon make of CA. :)
    + Before and afters are my favorite too! And that room seriously grew in size with that redo! Wow! Love it!
    + LOVE that backyard wedding! My favorite thing was the benches they sat on during the ceremony. Those are awesome and I want them in my backyard! haha
    + Loved that day in the life post!
    + The living with less post was also fantastic.

    Great links as always, friend! :)

    1. Same! We don't have a coffee table per se but I always love seeing what people choose for their coffee table books (it's the snoop in me, haha). And there's a Jimmy Fallon Thank You Note book? That would be a great addition to my future collection, too!


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