May 9, 2014


Happy Mother's Day weekend, friends! And Happy Teacher Appreciation Week, too! So many great things this week and so many great things in this weekend to come. Hope you have a great one! I'm off to go celebrate my parents' anniversary and my mama this weekend. Yep, presents all around. 

On becoming a Proverbs 31 woman. I love this take on the well-known section of the Bible.

So, I really want this in my yard.

And there really are good-hearted young men out there. Sweetest prom story ever, amiright?

A lovely little Etsy shop worth checking out.

Sometimes God calls us to pray in the middle of Target. LOVE this girl's heart.

I've been seriously (as in seriously!) thinking about buying a pair of TOMS. If you own a pair, can you tell me how you like them? Are the comfortable for long day wear? Do they last a long time? And is there a pattern or color that you recommend?

3 easy (and pretty!) hairstyles to try this weekend.

Why do tulips have to be so pretty?

Speaking of which, tulips would look pretty great in this stunning vase.

And someone tell me how these white balloons look so amazing?

This bathroom is so bright and cheery!

A simple and easy way to display your prints.

There are no words for this link except, well, YUM.

A last-minute Mother's Day printable kit worth printing for this Sunday.

And all about those camera lenses.

I'm on the lookout for fun picture books to read to the kiddos at work. I have a small group (of 5 kids all around the age of 5) and would love to introduce them to some fun books. Got any recommendations?

Plus, 10 TED talks every 20-something should watch (to add to last week's link!).

Now this is my kind of wedding.

And three apps to make you wiser.

This is why I adore the PNW and cannot honestly see myself leaving anytime soon (and I'm talking about the scenery, not so much the cute couple photographed).

Have a great one!


  1. Happy Friday! Oh that's the sweetest prom story :) :) :)

    Ummm..YES to the wedding! So simple and gorgeous!

    1. Wasn't it the sweetest prom story ever? It was wayyy too cute not to share. :)

      And I agree, simplicity is gorgeous! That wedding is definitely like one I'd like to have someday!

      Have a great weekend!

  2. The prom story, so cute!
    Ted talks--- so good!
    Those cookie sandwiches-- they look so good!! :)
    Praying in Target--so good! I loved that post.
    And heck yes, you should buy Toms- they are so comfortable. i have three pair and i love them!

    1. Ooh, I didn't know you had three pairs of TOMS! How long have you had your pairs? I'm a little curious to see how long they last and all that since they're not your typical sneaker. :)

  3. Replies
    1. I agree! I somehow stumbled on it and loved it the moment I saw it. :)

  4. i have been LOVING the same succulent wall. it's awesome, right?! i need to build it. or get someone to help me build it…haha that's probably more like it. ;-) great links! loving the prayer/target story and the barn wedding photos are a dream. so simple and perfect. happy friday, lady!

    1. Isn't it amazing? I've always been a fan of vertical gardens and I love the wooden ladder look that one has. It's so simple! And I agree with you, I'd definitely have my dad or someone help me with a project like that, haha. You've got to leave it to the experts, right? :)

  5. in love with all of these!!
    the hair styles, white balloons, target prayer, camera lenses (that we both posted on haha), the apps, etc
    great picks as always!

    1. They really are amazing posts, aren't they? And I honestly have nothing to do with them--it's all blog reading and Pinterest (as always). :)

  6. TOMS = Yes. I have like 5 pairs. Yeah that is a lot, but they have been bought over the years, recieved as gifts, and found on clearance. ha! I love them though. My first pair didn't seem to last that long, but honestly, I wore them everywhere and did everything in them. I will say that the soles have gotten a lot better throughout the years. I have a pair of warm winter botas and then the rest are classics. A couple more things: they are definitely not good in rain. It sucks when they get wet. I throw this in because I know you live in the PNW. BUT, I wouldn't let that stop you. Most definitely not. I don't wear socks with mine normally, so this can cause them to smell a little bit. Depending on how often you wear them. Lastly, they can fit kinda funky. I have a different size in a lot of my TOMS. It just kind of depends what style you get. If there is a store around you that sells them, I would definitely go in and try some on first to determine your size. :)

    That's my two (or more) cents on TOMS. Hope you invest! I would love to see which ones you pick out! :)

    1. Ooh! I'm so glad you've put in your two cents! I've heard a lot about their sizing and I definitely have put the cost and their materials into consideration. I've been looking for cute closed-toed shoes to wear to work for awhile now and a lot of people have TOMS around here and I've always liked them. I definitely realize there are ways to extend their wear and I'm glad to know that you have so many pairs and love them. I have a bad habit of buying shoes that are cheap that don't last that long and I've been doing more thinking into how I spend my money (especially since I'm paying for a lot more these days, haha).

      Anyway, I've been really thinking about buying a pair of TOMS and will likely take the plunge later this summer for the upcoming school year. Now I just have to decide on a print/pattern! :)


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