June 6, 2014


Happy June, my friends! I've realized that I have a terrible habit of including photos of plants (especially flowers...) in these Bits and Pieces posts. Someone please send help!

...and the weekend, too. Hope your weekend is splendid as always!

I revealed the winner of the Coffee and Honeycomb giveaway this past Wednesday. Were you the winner?

Have you ever signed up for a subscription box service before? There are so many out there and they're all kind of tempting. Reviews and tips/tricks are welcome as always!

I am most definitely going to re-create this post when I am dating/get married!

One of the coolest art exhibits I've seen in a long time.

Because love wins and because you know you want a free printable, too.

And because you are significant with or without a significant other. Thank you Shauna Niequist for these amazingly wise and truthful words. 

As the school year wraps up, life just seems to get crazier. Yesterday night was a family picnic and my goodness, did it leave me exhausted. But it was worth it, so very, very worth it.

A documentary on photography that's also set in the PNW? Yes, please. 

A simple and scrumptious snack.

How to make the cheesiest of grilled cheeses out there.

8 signs you're ready to become a professional blogger. What are your thoughts on this post? I'd love to hear them!

The Shalom Imaginative nailed it again.

I'm thinking about chopping the old hair because it's summer and that's what everyone else does (right?). But in all seriousness, I realized that I haven't cut my hair in maybe 6 months and it's gotten wayyyy too long (probably the longest it's been in a couple years). I love the idea of a lob (long bob) but am looking for something fun and different, too. I have wildly thick hair (read: SUPER thick) and need to be able to put it in a ponytail, but am pretty much open other than that. Any hair experts out there with suggestions?

Powerful women share what they would tell their 22 year old selves. Wise words, indeed.

Some pretty bobby pins to make this weekend.

And this is why I wish Mindy spoke at my graduation.

Have a great one!


  1. How bad is it that it had been over a YEAR since my last hair cut before I chopped mine?? P.S. I love these posts! I can't wait to watch the documentary!!

    1. I don't think it's bad at all! If my hair wasn't so thick and annoying, I probably wouldn't chop it off (well, maybe I would, haha). I always love having it longer because I can braid it and stuff but now it's just wayyy too long and it takes too long for it to dry. I'm overdue, that's for sure!

  2. the mindy speech. she is hilarious.

    i read that post by shauna earlier this week and LOVED it. she always says things perfectly.

    1. I agree 100%. That girl is hilarious and yet still so original and genuine, too. She's inching her way up to my fave actress/celebrity (after Jennifer Lawrence, of course). :)

      And I agree with you on Shauna's post, too. That girl is always spot on.

  3. + but you take such beautiful nature pictures! :)
    + and because of that sample box video i ordered the popsugar box! i may or may not make a video of myself opening it haha
    + love love love the art exhibit...the white room with the random circles = brilliant and that confetti room SO FUN!
    + the significance post, in love with it. megan showed it to me a few days ago and i just couldn't even express how much it touched my spirit.
    + grilled cheese, i want.
    + interesting (via the 8 signs for a professional blogger)....i've always wondered how people make "the jump"
    + you MUST share this hair cut! (maybe a long bob a "lob"?)
    + <3 the pictures
    + more so <3 the "what i would have told me 22 year old self!" wow!
    + <3 mindy...seriously

    1. Aw, thanks! But is it weird that I'm feeling an itch to branch out of my weekly nature photo, haha? :)

      And pretty please share this video! I'd love to see what you get and I love reviews like that! I would love to see what you got and what you think of all the stuff. I'm interested in getting some subscription box (because who doesn't love snail mail and surprise "presents") but am not sure which one.

  4. 1. I watched Mindy's speech earlier this week. So good. Haha!
    2. I like your photos, so don't even worry about it.
    3. I'm also thinking about getting a haircut! But, as with most things, I've been procrastinating on making an appointment.
    4. Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    1. It really is good! I don't know how I came across it but it was just too good not to share. I actually didn't have the time to watch it all at once so I watched it in three chunks and each one was just as funny as the previous part. :)

      And you'll have to share your hair cut! I'm still thinking about what I want, so we'll see when/if it happens soon!

      Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Happy June!! Oh that grilled cheese looks amazing, I'll definitely be making mine extra cheesy for now on.
    Thanks for linking to me! :) I'm so glad you liked that post.

    1. You are so very welcome for the link! I loved that post and am more than happy to pass it along.

      And isn't that grilled cheese trick sound amazing? It makes me want a grilled cheese right now. :)

  6. That post from Shawna- loved it!! It totally touched my heart! such wise words.
    I need a haircut too--my hair is shorter than yours, but it's gotten long and i really need to make an appointment.
    I agree with Amy, you should share pictures of this hair cut :)

    1. Me, too! It came with perfect timing and it was so well-written (as is all of Shauna's writing!). :)

      And I'm definitely overdue for a hair cut. I'm still not sure what it'll look like or what I want, but it's coming soon, that's for sure! I'm not sure they'll be post-worthy, though, haha. You'll have to share photos of yours, though!


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