June 20, 2014


Happy Friday, friends! I wish I had stories to tell you about my week, but it pretty much consisted of some Gilmore Girls, some workouts, some shopping with my mom, and some planning, too. Can I just say how nice it was to just get stuff done? Cleaning my room (hooray for having cleaned off floors!) was actually extremely therapeutic and it was exactly what this girl needed to start off her summer.

But I digress. Here's to the weekend and some great links and the bits and pieces in life worth sharing (or not sharing, haha). Enjoy!

Some of the prettiest painted globes I've seen in a long time.

A new photography blog to follow (because you can never have enough, right?).

Speaking of photos, there's still plenty of time to join in with The Circle! We're celebrating the first birthday of this link-up with a little Throwback Thursday post of sorts and sharing some old photos and favorite posts from the archives. Join in, won't ya?

Put three of my favorite ingredients put into one ice cream? Yep, it's got to be good.

21 things I wish I knew in my 20's. I didn't write this post but I wish I did! What would you tell your 20 year old self?

Etsy loves: one, two, and three.

36 genius kitchen tricks nobody ever taught you (and me!).

I tried the craze that is Blogilates this past week and while I was skeptical (read: very skeptical), it's turned into a new favorite way to work out. I never thought I would turn to Youtube for workouts, but Cassey's energy and passion for working out is so refreshing, inspiring, and definitely motivating, too. Have you tried Blogilates before?

A good closet makeover (that will likely warrant some closet envy).

This is my kind of club.

I want a chair just like this, pretty please.

S'mores in a jar. Need I say more?

Many of you noticed (here) that I started reading this book and I was excited to hear that people not only read this book before me but enjoyed it, too. So far, I'm only a few chapters in and am so excited to learn more about introversion and how it applies to me. Any fellow introverts out there? Or have you read this book before--or any books like it?

Speaking of books, I am so excited for this book to be out--it may be one of those books worth pre-ordering, if you ask me.

Mary Beth's blog has a new look and I'm loving it (not that I needed another reason to love her blog!).

18 things you didn't know about Trader Joe's (aka my favorite grocery store!).

On creatives. Some wise, wise words on how we're all made to create because we're all made in the image of THE Creator. Psst...it actually reminded me of this post that I wrote almost a year ago.

A pretty clever conversation tip to try out.

Who knew you could make such a pretty bracelet made of Hama beads?

And it wouldn't be a Bits and Pieces post without a donut recipe, now would it?

Have a great weekend!


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    1. I agree! He's not mine, but getting to see him every now and then makes up for it. :)

  2. ahhh! that dog is SO gorgeous! :) my parents have 2 springers!!! one is brown/white and one is black/white! my dad & i got them when i was in high school, but they are inseparable so i couldn't take mine when i moved out :)

    1. He's actually a Britney (and quite the cute but super energetic/crazy one at that!)! But his coloring definitely makes it look like a different Spaniel mix. :)

  3. I just clicked on nearly all of these and I can't wait to read them! I just saw Blogilates pop up on my Youtube page this morning, and I'm excited to try them out! I just started a workout routine on Youtube through the channel Tone It Up and I've found that I like workout videos online too. I hope you have a great weekend and yay for getting things done this week! xo, gina

    1. Yay, I hope you liked the links! :) And I've never heard of Tone It Up before, but I've been on the look out for good workout videos on Youtube (can never go wrong with free stuff, right?) and am in love with Cassey's energy and passion. It makes working out a lot of fun; something I'd never thought I'd say, haha. :)

      Have a wonderful weekend, Gina!

  4. Wow- those painted globes are SO lovely! Thanks for sharing, have a great weekend!

    1. I know, right? I saw them and knew the link had to be included in this post. :) Hope you have a great weekend, too!


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