June 25, 2014


Note: These Everyday Moments posts make me smile. I love that I still get them coming into my inbox and get the chance to share some of my favorite bloggers and blogging friends with you, too. Britney and I have had a chance to share so much of our hearts with each other and I'm grateful she's here today to share hers with you. 
Sometimes we let those everyday moments, the mundane pass us by. But today I am hoping you will join me as I take hold of those moments and embrace them for what they are. As I captured the photos in this post I was reminded of Psalm 118:24, "This is the day the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it." I must admit sometimes this is hard, especially when our circumstances are not what we want them to be. But I know that it's what God calls us to do to rejoice in all that He has created.

I find those special "everyday moments" in a sunset, much like the one pictured above on a recent vacation to Florida with my family. And in spending time with my family, who hold a special place in my life. When  get to spend time with my family and friends that is where I see God at work, especially in my close group of friends who always encourage me, pray with me and help me to become the women that God wants me to be. My family, especially my parents, have shaped me into who I am today and continue to bless me every day.
So today, join me in embracing those everyday moments in your life and those people that are in your life that mean the world to you, but sometimes you forget just how much. Take hold of the truth of Psalm 118:24.

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  1. I wish an everyday moment was seeing a gorgeous sunset like THAT! xo

  2. what a beautiful sunset! and what a wonderful perspective on how to embrace our day to day lives!

    1. I agree! That sunset was so beautiful and Britney's words and perspective on embracing the everyday was exactly what I needed to read, too. :)


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