June 29, 2014


6/23: road-tripping photo number one. 
6/24: roadtrip snacking (don't judge). also, what happened to the apple peel?
6/25: grandpa's garden. 
6/26: crazy dill. 
6/27: hotel sunset. 
6/28: cutest little restaurant ever. 
6/29: secret blog project in the works. 

So I took an unintentional break from blogging last week. My family and I roadtripped down to California to visit more family and while I had the intentions of responding to comments/emails that week, I somehow let them sit in my inbox. My OCD self hated to see the clutter every time I checked my email, but I also really enjoyed the chance to just live, relax, and hang out with family. It was a much needed break from reality (or something like that) and I'm more refreshed than ever. Breaks are good, amiright?

As you can tell, my photos are kind of lacking again. I also somehow survived a week without constantly snapping photos all the time. I pulled it out a few times after dinner time when the family was still eating and I could wander around my grandpa's garden (where the cool air was treasured after being in the non-air-conditioned house all day!) and snap photos of all his plants. Somehow I was skipped over when it came to the green thumbs.

On the drives down and then back up, I caught up on sleep, ate some not-so-good-for-you-but-so-tasty snacks (gummies not shown), and played DJ when the radio reception was bad. We stopped at a cute restaurant for dessert, took lots of park breaks for the our senior doggy, and then napped some more. Let's just say it made for a wonderful, restful week.

How was your weekend?


  1. I don't think your photos are lacking. They're pieces of your every day that stuck out to you! I love small details!

    1. Reading that comment of yours was so refreshing and I'm so glad you said that. I often feel like my photos are just "meh" because they seem so similar, you know? But reading that they're the little pieces from my day, the little everyday details of life is really encouraging and so true. :) Thanks!

  2. so did you try the cinnamen rolls?
    & girl vacations are for living, not always taking pictures! i'm glad you basked in the family time and soaked all of that up! :)
    i loved your photos! (as always)

    1. We did! They were pretty good, but I'm still a fan of homemade ones (these were homemade but they had an icing I wasn't too much of a fan for). :)

  3. It feels good to just step away sometimes, doesn't it?!?!? I'm glad you got to enjoy some time with your family and on the road. Those are some of the best times!

    1. Yes, it really does! I didn't realize how much I needed a break/vacation until we took one. And even though we argue in the car, there are so many great moments that we share when we all sit in the car together. :)

  4. That first picture is so pretty! Blog breaks are nice sometimes :) No judgement here for your apple slices, girl. Own it.

    1. Thanks! And yes, blog breaks are really nice. Sometimes I just need a break to realize just how much I enjoy and love the blogging community!

      And yes, I will most definitely own those apple slices--especially considering how hot it was outside when we got them! It made for the perfect gas-station-pitstop-snack. :)


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