August 29, 2014


It seems like just yesterday I was lamenting for summer to hurry up and arrive. And just like that, it's time to go back to work and start prepping for a new school year. I'm excited for a fresh start and new class of eager kiddos, but equally (or even more so?) sad that summertime is drawing to an end.

I'm thinking some new school supplies might help...

Anyway, have a splendid weekend and happy link-hopping, or whatever you call this!

One bookcase, three ways. I'd tell you which one I like best, but I really like them all!

5 pretty uses for latte bowls.

Honest slogans always make me smile.

I want this to be my wedding. And I know I say this a lot, but everything about this wedding is exactly what I want in mine!

Super cute fonts to download (for free!).

On living simply (and smaller). As someone who's always wanted more space in her bedroom, this was the perfect reminder that less really can be more.

Some super pretty clay jewelry dishes to make this weekend. 

This video. Oh goodness, there were SO many tears. 

I love this DIY wedding and I have a feeling you will, too.

I pretty much pinned something from all of their photoshoots.

This carrot cake has my name written all over it. I mean, browned butter frosting? 

Some amazing (and easy!) ways you can update your blog design. 

Is this for real? I mean, spending the night in IKEA is pretty much a dream come true for this girl over here.

This sweet engagement session. Can't you tell love is in the air?

How to layer your necklaces.

A cute way to dress up your notebooks.

And the perfect summer picnic.

Have a great one!


  1. I so love these posts of yours--you always find all kinds of good stuff!

  2. New school supplies always help. With anything. Haha!

  3. // i <3 the latte bowls // honest slogans are my favorite hahaha! // OH MY GOODNESS that wedding, all of it is just breath taking and so dang fun!! // that clay dish, i want to make it! // oh. my. gosh. that video...i just, i can't even. so...just overwhelming sweet and sad at the same time // that photographer...WOW! stunning work! // i LOVE carrot cake so that was just wonderful. // i LOVE elah tree's suggestions for blog design! // HOLD UP sleep in ikea?! so cool // i always struggle with layering necklaces...seriously they get so tangled! // what an easy & cute way to revamp notebooks! // great finds as always kiki!

  4. So many good links this week! Latte bowls just plain make me happy, and I'm definitely bookmarking those excellent CSS tips. Thanks for sharing...

  5. I love the idea of making bookshelves look so put together... but my bookshelves are a mess. I just can't get it together! :) Love those honest slogans--so true! Love those cute fonts--I'm definitely a sucker for free fonts. :) Loveeee those cute notebooks too. I love all the new school supplies!

    Here's one for you... I loved the creative use of Washi tape to spice up this studio's walls! I thought it was so clever!

  6. Love those latte bowls! So cute, I think my favorite is the little vase! LOVE honest slogans! That wedding is beautiful!! LOVE the location all the trees and the fun activities that were had!! I always love a free font! Those are super cute! Those jewelry dishes! AH! So cute, that fuchsia and gold one! WHAT!? LOVE! I love carrot cake! I feel like it is so underrated, it is so tasty! A sleepover IN IKEA!? YESSS!!! Yay for summer picnics! And that location is so fun! Dip your toes after a nice snack!

  7. Thanks, Chelsea! It's funny, because I kind of worry that I won't have enough links to share in a week's time, but the internet hasn't failed me yet! :)

  8. I completely agree! I doesn't matter what age you are, new school supplies are the best. :)

  9. Latte bowls are and will always be my fave, even if I don't have any of my own yet! :)

  10. It's funny because whenever I come across these links that I include in the posts, I have pretty much the same exact reaction as you do. That wedding, those photographers, the necklaces? Yep. I loooove it all. :) Glad you did, too!

  11. I LOVE that you included a link for me! That's so fun and I'm thinking I should have people do that for me every week, haha. :) But really, I never would have thought to use washi tape to decorate walls (especially like that, it's so colorful!). :)

  12. YES to everything you said! I just re-clicked on that wedding link because I felt like oohing and aahing over it and I just wish I lived in California so I could have my wedding there! And I love carrot cake, too! It's definitely overrated but one of my favorite cakes to bake and (of course) eat. :) And wouldn't a sleepover in IKEA be amazing? After watching 500 Days of Summer, I pretty much want to live at IKEA every time I go, haha.

  13. love all of these links!
    I saw those fonts earlier this week and totally thought of you!
    those notebooks are adorable, i may have to do that to mine!
    Those honest slogans are so funny :)

  14. Those fonts really did call my name! I love the ladies of Maiedae and had to include the link to Jenny's fonts because they're so cute! :)

    And yes, honest slogans are hilarious! I feel like I've been missing out on them because I'd only heard of them a few weeks ago!

  15. Can I just say that I always love looking at your beautiful photos and reading your posts! Have a great long weekend!

  16. Aw, thanks Kendra! I really appreciate hearing that. :) And I hope you have a great weekend, too!

  17. Thank you, I'm so glad you noticed the lens flare! I'm a sucker for lens flare. :)

  18. I love all of these links! Sometimes there aren't as many good links to click on on other blogs, but you're doing an excellent job (: Maybe we're just alike!

  19. Thanks, Mika! I think we really must be alike because I, too, know the feeling of only finding a few good links here and there. That said, it's a huge compliment to hear you like everything I've linked to. There's definitely great things out there in the blog/Pinterest world! :)


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