August 13, 2014


Note: You what's a little funny? How about forgetting about one of your favorite post series--that you created. Yep, I am that girl. If it weren't for Leelee's sweet email with this amazing post, I wouldn't have remembered about this guest post opportunity and chance to really celebrate the everyday moments in life. Leelee is a definite source of encouragement in my life and I loved learning more about her and I think you will, too.
getting dinner ready
There are some definite benefits to being an adult still living with your parents. One of the most obvious is that I am still able to enjoy family dinners with my parents and sister nearly every night.

I remember how important dinner was growing up. We stopped whatever else we were doing and had dinner together as a family. Sometimes work or social obligations keep one family member for an evening, but we still strive for quality time together for dinner.
If you are home, you eat dinner with the family.
I absolutely love this tradition. When I move out on my own, family dinner will continue to be a big deal.

I love how we all come together to share about our day. I love how we can share the same stories over and over. I love how after dinner is done and the dining room cleaned up, we gather together in the living room to catch the end of the local news.
rice meatballs
I usually don’t love doing the dishes, but I enjoy how we work together to get the chores done quickly.

I love the satisfaction of settling in for a relaxing evening, knowing that everything is in order. I love that even though we are on our separate laptops, we are still together.
I am fortunate to not only have this rich tradition with my own family, but to be privileged enough to join in with a second family’s dinner traditions. My boyfriend’s family values family dinner just as much as mine does. It really gives me a sense of belonging to be invited to be included in their family dinners sometimes.
yummyhotdogsYou can connect with Leelee on her blog, Bloglovin', Instagram, and Twitter, too. Thanks again for reminding me about the everyday moments in life, Leelee! And are those bacon-wrapped hot dogs I see?

p.s. If you want to share your everyday moments on this 'ol blog, send me an email or leave me a comment below! I'd love to have you. 


  1. Family dinners are the best Leelee!!! I'm glad you're still around to enjoy them. I dream of regular family dinners somewhere even when all of us are grown and living in our own homes. If worse comes to worst there's always skype! :)

  2. uh. I would love for her to come make me some food!
    it all looks so delicious!

  3. Thanks, Amy. Those dinners were delicious, although not every dinner is perfect.
    Victoria, I think you will be able to find a way to enjoy many wonderful dinners together.


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