August 26, 2014


8/18: watermelon for days. 
8/19: sister's plumeria.
8/20: new book to dive into. 
8/21: bracing for days. quite literally. 
8/22: mountaintop sunset.
8/23: my flying grandpa. 
8/24: clouds. 

This past week was a crazy one. From a sprained knee (hooray for getting older?), to watching the sunset with my family on top of a mountain, to watching my 90 year old grandpa fly in a helicopter. Which, as sappy as it sounds, it was really cool to see him fly. He served in WWII and he's one of those quiet but hilarious men who also has a love for biplanes. Even though I didn't get to see him fly in a biplane, it was really cool to see him hop into a helicopter that was way too small (and no doors, of course) and just go for it. He amazes me and I hope to be like him when I'm his age!

How was your week, friends?


  1. The Hubs' grandfather was in the Air Force during WWll and we recently found old prints of the planes he worked on and hung them in The Hubs office! We wish he was still here to tell us stories!

  2. I hope your knee is feeling better!

  3. the sunset & clouds <3 seriously! that cloud is just incredible!!
    and look at your grandfather go! i remember as my grandfather was in his last days he wanted to fly again (he was a pilot in Vietnam and his plane was actually shot down) i was so sad he never had that chance.
    p.s. i hope your knee is starting to REALLY heal!

  4. That's so cool! My grandpa has medals and photos and such in their house. He doesn't talk about it all that much, but it's really cool to see some of his old things, especially the old photos. :)

  5. Thanks, Chelsea! It's definitely been an patience-enduring experience, that's for sure. But it is on the mend! :)

  6. Wow, that is so cool that your grandfather was a pilot in Vietnam! My grandpa mostly did translation work (I think?) but he loved the biplanes and so I tagged along to see him fly. So worth the hot weather. :)

  7. So cool! I actually never met either of my grandfathers, but they were both in WWII as well. My great grandfather, though, was in WWI. He was the very first naval air photographer, so he took quite a lot of biplane photos, which I love looking at. I hope I'm a little bit like him!

    Hope your knee is feeling better!!

  8. That's so cool that both your grandfathers served and your great-grandfather, too (but that's too bad you didn't get to meet them!). I also love that your great-grandfather was a naval air photographer. I can't imagine how many awesome photos there are! :) Photography must run in your family. :) My grandpa on my other side of the family loved photography, too so it must be true!

    And thanks! My knee is starting to feel better and now it's just being patient while I wait for it to heal. :)

  9. I don't like watermelon, but I love looking at it! It looks so tasty and juicy, but I just can't seem to like it. That sunset looks lovely too!! (I like those!)

  10. I used to hate watermelon but have recently discovered how much I love it. It's definitely juicy and tasty (well, the ripe ones are, that is!). :)

    And I'm a huge fan of sunsets, too! It was a last-minute family outing and it was so worth the wait (in the car!) for it. :)


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