September 5, 2014


Happy September, friends! I survived my first week back at work (sans kids) and while I can't say I enjoy my 6AM pre-work workouts (it's so early and dark out!), I do like talking and laughing with my co-workers. You know you work someplace special when you love the people you work with.

Have a splendid weekend, friends. Being back at work makes me appreciate weekends that much more.

How to comment on blogs. This post was spoooot on. And yes, the extra emphasis was needed.

I really want these bookshelves in my house. Like realllly. 

30 ways to soak up the end of summer.

One of my favorite singleness series out there. Can I just say that hearing about singleness from a Christian single woman in her thirties is amazing?

The teacher in me loves this cute mug.

I'd totally attend any party with an invite like this.

On enjoying the dull moments in life.

And on welcoming September.

Forget about breakfast, I want these for dessert.

So excited to catch up on this girl's blog. If you don't/haven't read her blog, you must. It's so well-written, it's crazy.

How to pose for photos. As someone who never knows what to do in front of the camera, I'm going to keep these tips in mind for the future!

Free printable (and lovely!) stationery for my pen pals + fellow snail mail lovers.

And because dancing elephants are the cutest.

You all know how much I enjoy a good kitchen makeover!

The very best answer to the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

So excited to for the arrival of this book.

This tote made me smile (any spicy-food lovers out there?).

And a little something to brighten up your desktop.

Happy Friday!


  1. Ah, yes. Bookshelves with a ladder are a dream, aren't they?

  2. I love that photo up there! I love where the focus is, and the noise in the background. Good shot friend!

  3. i get excited for fridays because A) it's friday. duh. B) your 'bits & pieces' posts.
    - that post on singleness from a girl in her thirties - YES times a thousand. you know how i feel about people who write about singleness, so that was a great read!
    - i am SO excited that shauna is coming out with another book. i still have one of hers on my to-read list, but 'cold tangerines' was fantastic!

    eeek, thank you for linking my post. you are the best :)

  4. Loving all these links--you always pick the best ones!

  5. They really are! I'm such a huge sucker for floor to ceiling bookshelves that are styled well AND include a ladder. :)

  6. Thanks, Meg! I'm kinda obsessed with noise in my photos right now and love just playing around with ISO and stuff on my camera. So glad you noticed! It's a huge compliment coming from a photog like you!

  7. Haha, I love that you're excited to see them! I love making them so I have a feeling they're going to be around for a very long time.

    And aren't her posts amazing? I love reading them because they're just so full of truth from her personal experience. I was definitely not expecting to find those kinds of posts since she writes a mostly food-centered blog!

    I have one more book of Shauna's to read, too! Which one haven't you read? I have Bread & Wine left and am thinking I need to finally buy it so I can read it before her next one comes out. Cold Tangerines really was fantastic!

    And you are so welcome for the link. When posts are good, I have to pass them along!

  8. Thanks, Chelsea! I love making them and love hearing that you do, too!

  9. Wait, what's the meaning behind your blog name? Is there a post that went with it that I never read? I'd looove to hear it! :)

  10. Not a post, but at he too I have a page called "the joy of nothing" it explains it all there :)

  11. Oh, how did I miss that before? I'm off to go read it!

  12. Hi. Remember me?

    Let's be friends again (as if we really weren't still). Everything looks so different around here! and girl, those bookshelves. I NEED THEM.

    I don't know why, but that cookbook photo reminded me of a cookbook I have. It has gorgeous, quiet photography and I guess the feeling made me think of it. It's called Everyday Harumi. Have you heard of it? It's Japanese home-style cooking. So, you know, amazing. Will you share the title of yours? :)

    P.S. Blogging elsewhere now - I went ahead and made the switch.

  13. Hello, hello! I've missed you dear friend and am so excited to see you here. :) And we've definitely always been friends. Always.

    As for the bookshelves, would you like to make a second set for me? I don't have the space for it now, but I'd love to have floor to ceiling shelves filled with books and a ladder.

    And that cookbook is called First Prize Pies. It's a book filled with pies and the cover is amazing (and so is the inside!). I've never heard of Everyday Harumi but the title sounds great and you know how much I love anything with gorgeous photography.

    p.s. I cannot wait to see your blog! Heading over NOW.

  14. Love the posing tips! I'm pretty sure I broke so many rules today when Madison and I took pictures of each other. Oh goodness! Ha.

  15. I loved them, too! And girl, I have a feeling you looked amazing--whether or not you listened to those rules! :)

  16. Is it bad if I totally loved that post on singleness even if I'm married? Because I totally did. I mean, good friends are crucial all the time. Husbands are great and all, but boys aren't the greatest conversationalists ;)

  17. Not at all! I actually love that you could relate and can agree with what she said. There's definitely something to be said about having friends to talk with! :)

  18. I just tagged you in a link up:

  19. Aw, thanks Tess! I'll be sure to check it out!


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