September 19, 2014


Happiest of Happy Fridays, dear friends! The evenings have been getting darker earlier these days and it just makes me want to curl up under a cozy blanket now. I have a hankering (does anyone say that anymore?) that autumn is on its way!

So here's to fall, and Fridays, and links, too. If only there was an alliterative synonym for that last one. 

Someone please tell me, are these pancakes for real?

Oh goodness, this sounds a-mazing.

And this is why I believe the PNW is the best place to take photos.

On changing and evolving in your blogging journey.

A dreamy bedroom tour that I think you'll love as much as me.

This quote made me smile.

Apple pie biscuits!

And 18 interior design instagram accounts you should follow. 

Some truthful thoughts on social media and the desire for the perfect photo/tweet/post. I too easily fall into this trap and reading it from someone else's perspective made me realize just how much I need to change that mentality.

And a cool DIY poster hanging idea.

Emily's house is beautiful, don't you think?

Pretty, pretty wire rings. 

Proof that there are good people out there.

Just discovered this shop and I want everything in it (especially thisthis, and this).

This Halloween costume is just too cute.

Does anyone want to bake these for me?

Danielle did it again, friends. More free + amazingly gorgeous printables!

And 15 career tips from smart women. 

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. - Off Switch - Kiki, stop getting me hooked on new stuff!
    - Poster hanging - I saw something similar on Etsy, but with a chalkboard/map combination. I ALMOST made an impulse buy :)
    - Also, loving these little blog-related links you share; it's comforting to know even the big time bloggers struggle with the same things everyone else does.

  2. How does he do it!? I wouldn't want to eat my breakfast because it's too awesome to mess up! apple fritter waffles though, those I would eat (and I mean EAT!) Seriously, the PNW is the best! I love all those images! Such beauty, both in the scenery and the people! I'm loving the light in that bedroom, and the sheets! They make it look so cozy and inviting! Love that quote! I brake for birds, or any other little critter scurrying across the road! I don't spend my days talking to children, but I do spend them talking to a dog and a cat ;) Those biscuits look so yum and so fun! I love finding new people to follow on instagram! I like that poster hanger! Especially the rope! Ah those rings! So cute! They make it look so easy!! I want to try!! Love that shop! so many fun cute things!! I especially love the "I think you're awesome" stamp! that baby and his costume! LOVE! I love those career tips! good for not just careers, but for women in all areas of their life :)

  3. Haha, it's a cute shop, right? I spotted it on another blog, and I was hooked when I first visited as well! :)

    And a chalkboard map combination on Etsy? That sounds so pretty! I would definitely make that almost-impusle buy, too!

    I agree with you on posts on blogging. It really is comforting to know that even the long-time big bloggers out there face the same thoughts as us. :)

  4. That's how I felt! I wouldn't be able to eat anything that awesome, either. I'd probably end up taking tooons of photos of them, though! :)

    And spending days with a dog and cat is pretty close to kids, haha. I mean, you can hang out with both groups, play with them, and talk to them, too! :)

    Lastly, those tips were realllly good. Definitely good for all women in all parts of life!

  5. I'm not sure how those pancakes are humanly possible....
    Apple fritter waffle doughnuts?! Apple pie biscuits?! That's like all this girl's pregnancy craving wrapped into 2 treats!
    Off Switch?? SO cute.. I've always loved a good temporary tattoo. :)
    Loving that little Halloween costume. So sweet!

  6. That's what I thought! I mean, how could they be real pancakes? :)

    And anything apple is my kind of dessert, but those two seriously looked amazing. I actually just realized that I put two apple recipes in my post this time around--it must be fall! :)

    And I loooove temporary tattoos, too! They're so much fun and they're so pretty nowadays!

  7. so. i just went through your last 3 bits and pieces posts - and basically repinned everything. ;)

  8. Haha, that's the sign of a good post, right? :)


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