September 26, 2014


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another photo from last year because it's fall, of course. 
Happy Friday, friendsies! I know that nobody says that, but I'm all about bringing back what's already out (aka the obsolete), so work with me, won't ya?

I'm crossing my fingers that this weekend includes a little hiking (if it's not raining!) and some movie and blog-writing time, too. What are you up to this weekend? I mean, aside from checking out all these marvelous links.

And yes, those are my segue/transition skills at its best. 

How to photograph the night sky.

The cutest shadowbox idea out there (and perfect for fall, too!).

Loving this fun house number DIY project.

And this sweet newborn photo session.

Emoji balloons!

How to avoid burnout. So many truths in one blog post!

This tumblr is for my fellow outdoor adventuring friends.

This doormat is way too clever.

So...nobody told me that IKEA has a paper shop!

This photosession. Gahh, Kinsey's so talented.

Have you ever heard of online journaling? I'm all for writing (as in pen and paper!) my journal entries, but I also really love the idea of typing and having all of my journal entries saved digitally, too. Thoughts, anyone?

Because today will be better. 

10 best apple recipes.

Free fall desktop wallpapers. 

And a lovely apple-picking party, too.

I'm really sorry for posting this, but this Buzzfeed is almost so annoying it's hilarious.

This shirt made me laugh and then nod in agreement.

And this has my name written allll over it (or maybe I should say that it has my face written all over it?).

p.s. I was blown away by all of the Circle participants this month! It's been so much fun to find new similarities and re-discover my love for pies, cool crisp air, and scarves, boots, and sweaters. If you linked up, THANK YOU (from the bottom of my heart!) and I cannot wait to read all your posts this weekend!


  1. Birthday party, soccer, ladies tea, and writing. Busy. Thanks for posting these links.

  2. Thanks for sharing my free October desktops!! :) xoxo

  3. That doormat!! Too funny. And I totally want to do that house number diy! You always find the best posts. Also, THANK YOU for sharing mine :-)

  4. Emoji balloons!! I need them all! That doormat? Too funny. Apple recipes... I need them all in my belly asap! I just looked at those 45 annoying pictures before I came to your blog... so many of them I was nodding through the whole time. That face scrub looks refreshing!! And delicious?

  5. those apple recipies! AH! I need to make those!
    I loved that post from Madison. so good! love her and her blog!

  6. Love that picture at the top! Perfect for fall! Your weekend sounds like it will be awesome! I'm hoping for no rain here too (which is a rare thing because I LOVE me a good rainy day) because I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow that is outside and I would like for it not to get rained on!

    that shadow box is so cute and looks so easy! I also love that DIY house number!! I've always dreamed of the day when I can make my own house numbers instead of the boring metal ones! that newborn session! love! those yawns and the light! love those tips for avoiding burnout! I am guilty of not really following many of those, and I need to get better at it! that tumblr! And those pictures, and the title of the page - coffee in the mountains - I mean I don't drink coffee, but just the name makes it sound cozy! I want to try some of those apple recipes! They look so delicious! I want to go to an apple picking party! That sounds like so much fun! AH! I saw that buzzfeed the other day and couldn't help but laugh at some of them! HAHA I love that shirt!!! That face scrub sounds delightful (and delicious!) and how cute is that little jar!?

  7. I grew up calling them helicopters because they spin in the air like helicopter wings(?). But I've also heard of whirly birds, too. I love the things can have different names depending on what you grew up calling them!

  8. You're so welcome! And it sounds like you've definitely got a busy weekend ahead. Have a great one! :)

  9. Of course! Thanks for creating AND sharing them!!

  10. I know, right? I saw it and KNEW it had to be included--as with your post, too! :)

  11. I don't know where I spotted that Buzzfeed (possibly Facebook?) but it was so annoying it was almost hilarious because they're so true! :)

    And that face scrub does look refreshing and delicious. It puts two of my favorite scents (vanilla and coconut!) in one!

  12. I'm with you on both the recipes and Madison's post! I loooved both of them! :)

  13. Aw, thanks! It was from last year and I'm hoping to take more fall photos soon! :)

    And a wedding tomorrow?!?! That's so exciting! I hope to see your work and I also hope you don't get rained on, too!

    I'm with you on the Tumblr name! I'm not a coffee drinker either but the name is just wayyy too cozy sounding. :)

  14. Kiki! Dat Tumblr, 'do. It's amazing. I'm just itching for a hike now.

  15. Haha, I know, right? I'm hoping to squeeze one in this weekend because of that amazing Tumblr! :)


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