September 3, 2014


writing snail mail. I've been exchanging snail mail with some wonderful bloggers this past year and love getting to know them better. 

adding to my personal children's book library. I'm a sucker for a well-written children's book and have been slowly adding to my personal children's book library with books from Goodwill. I recently added six new books (for only $10!) and cannot wait to add more. Got any recommendations?

anticipating cooler weather! I am a huge sucker for cardigans and scarves and am dying to pull them out of my closet and wear them everywhere (and by everywhere, I really mean EVERYwhere). 

missing the freedom of summertime. I missed seeing my work friends and I love getting ready for a new school year, but I also miss sleeping in/staying up late as well as just doing what I want to do all day. 

reading this book. I've recently fallen in love with reading non-fiction/memoir-esque books filled with short essays (that are much like blog posts in my opinion!) and this book has not disappointed. Oh, and if you're a book nerd, please tell me what genre that is! 

in need of a new nail polish color for my toes. I know that there are colors that are trendy for each season, but I have a hard time painting my toe nails mint or black. I'm much more of a pinky/red/coral kind of person and if you have any faves for fall, I'd love to hear them!

craving an afternoon nap. Can that be a real craving? Because to be honest, an afternoon nap sounds wonderful right about now. 

enjoying a cleaner closet. I've been trying to re-organize my closet and am hoping to get some new shelves for it, too (instead of the one dresser I have inside right now). But before I do that, I cleaned out and donated clothes that didn't fit or that I didn't like anymore and also made room for my first ThredUp purchases, too.

linking up with Anne and Jenna for their monthly currently link-up series!

What are you up to currently?

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  1. Afternoon naps CAN be a craving. Sometimes a very strong craving.

  2. I seriously need to clean out my closet..and naps are TOTALLY a craving!

  3. one of my goals for this month is to write back allllll my pens pals, so expect a letter sometime!
    that book looks interesting. i'll add it to what seems like my never-ending to-read list!
    i have always been the same way about my toe polish. but this year, i've been rocking an electric blue. it is so different, and i've gotten a lot of compliments. [even from my brothers, who does not notice details like that!]
    craving naps is a real thing, in my 'expert' opinion. :)
    i get to clean out my closet this weekend. is it weird that i'm excited about it?! haha, i just need to purge the junk.

  4. - Please tell me that I mailed your letter to you?!?!? I remember writing it and putting a stamp on it, but I cannot remember mailing it.

    - I love well written children's books too! I wish I had some recommendations, but I'm drawing a blank.

    - Those kinds of books are so good. What else is on your list for this fall?

    - Nail polish....You opened up a risky topic! I just sorted though my collection and found mostly reds/pinks/purples with only a few colors that don't fit into that category. My favorites for falls are reds: Sinful Colours "Sugar Sugar" and Insta-Dri "Cinna Snap". I also like Insta-Dri "Pronto Purple" and sometimes I let myself continue to use Essie "Big Spender" too. For my finger nails during fall I like Cinna Snap, Pronto Purple, Revlon "Urban", and Essie "Merino Cool".

    What are some of your favorite polishes (they don't have to be fall)? I'd love to hear about any that you discover this fall!

  5. Um, naps are totally a craving. Been there. Done that. Also, that book looks really interesting! I'll have to check that one out.

  6. I'd love an afternoon nap every day.

  7. Agreeeeed. I was just about to take a short nap before dinner but decided to read blogs instead. A nap still sounds wonderful, though!

  8. I still have a lot to clean out. I only got a chance to clean out my clothes--I still have all my other stuff that's stored in my closet to go through!

    And so glad you agree! I always feel like I need to answer craving prompts with food but a nap sounded so much better!

  9. I was just about to write one to you! I'm seriously behind on writing to all my pen pals, too. :)

    And that book is a good read! It's interesting because the author (Tsh) refers back to her time in Turkey and how it really changed her life and encouraged her to live simply. I'm not a huge traveler (and have never left the country) so I can't really relate but I DO love simplifying my life so it's been fascinating. She goes through different areas in your life (i.e. entertainment, food, education, etc.) and uses her experiences/storytelling to kind of talk about how you can live more intentionally and simply. It's good!

    That's so funny that your brothers noticed your nail color change! I typically stay in the same color family but maybe I'll try out a blue sometime! :)

    I'm so glad you agree with my nap craving. I almost (almost!) took a nap this afternoon after work but decided to read blogs instead!

    And I'm always weirdly excited about cleaning/organizing! I seriously love it waaaayyyy too much, haha.

  10. That's what I thought! It was really cool to read about life in Turkey (I didn't know too much about it beforehand and still don't) and how Tsh related it back to life in the states. That's also really cool that you're living abroad (I need to go check out your blog!). :)

    p.s. I like that name for the genre. It definitely fits!

  11. I always mean to be better about actually doing snail mail - it's always so nice to receive that I should remember to be better about sending it to friends. I love a cleaner closet too. Good luck with the start of the new school year, and thanks for linking up again!

  12. Me, too! I have a list of to-send's in terms of snail mail but just haven't had a chance to sit down and write them. I'm trying to make more time for it, though, because it makes me feel so bad! :)

    And I agree with you on cleaner closets. It feels so good to have a clean and organized space!

    Thank you for hosting! I always enjoy participating in this link-up!

  13. Oh gosh! Children's Lit. The love of my heart. So many beautiful illustrations. I just picked up an autographed copy of Argus by Michelle Knudsen (at Goodwill, best place for kid's books!) and it is just so pretty and I love it.

  14. Wait, what's Argus? I've never heard of it before? I love children's books and just how fun they are (and I also love adding to my future classroom library!). And you're so right, Goodwill is the place to go for kids' books! I can't always find books whenever I go, but this last time was amazing. So many good quality hardcover books for a great price!

  15. Girl, I will tell you. Argus is the story of a little girl's class science project. All the kids are given eggs to incubate and then they are supposed to care for the chicks, but Sally gets Argus, who is a dragon! The story is about her learning to love him even though he is different. It's the sweetest thing. I work with a lot of kids with special needs and ESOL students, so I was really excited to find it!

  16. Aw, that's the sweetest story ever! There are a few books that I'm willing to buy new from Amazon and this is definitely one I'm adding to my list (even if I end up keeping it for myself!). :)

    And I think you mentioned earlier that you changed schools this year (right?). How's that going so far?

  17. Aw, that is sweet of you to remember! I did change schools, yes. And it is... so incredibly different, honestly! In a lot of good ways, but also in a lot of ways that make me have to bite my tongue. I went from a school where the all the kids were on the government food program, to a school where a parent bought a ton of food for a food fight birthday party, complete with chocolate syrup slip n' slide. I think my jaw must have hit the floor!

    How is your school year going??

  18. It's so bizarre that we are both wanting summertime freedom, except I am heading into it and you are heading out of it! I often contemplate moving to somewhere that only has one season- Summer!

  19. Mmm, I can TOTALLY relate. I work at a preschool where lots of families receive assistance (for various reasons) and like you said, it can be really hard to see food/other resources being used like that.

    My school year just started (more like back-to-school period, since the kids don't come for a few weeks!). And because nothing's really finalized yet, I'm just anxiously awaiting class lists and all that! I really just want the kids to come!

    p.s. I really like meeting bloggers who teach, blog, AND love photography. The perfect combination. :)

  20. That IS crazy! I always forget that your calendar/seasons are different than mine. And if I could handle heat, I'd looove summer all year long (especially the vacation part, haha). Happy almost summer! :)

  21. I'm glad to hear that it made it to your mailbox! This end of summer stuff has me way too scatterbrained! lol :)

    I hope you find some polishes that you like! I should mention that google shows the pronto purple to be a bit lighter than in real life. I'll look for that polish you mentioned too!

  22. "missing the freedom of summertime"...YES. Couldn't have said it better myself. Do y'all get many breaks at your school? The week after next we have the week off for fall break! I hope you enjoy the last few days/weeks of summer before school starts!

  23. Fall break? That sounds delightful! We don't get many breaks (just one for winter and one for spring). But we also start later, so there's that. I hope you enjoy your break! :)

  24. i seriously want cooler weather...and naps. geeze because they both need to happen in my life! i can't wait to lookinto that book suggestion...and i need to clean out my closet toooooooo

  25. Same!!! Cooler weather needs to come asap. Too many wildfires and not enough rain (I'm going to jink myself for saying that about rain fall!). :)


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