September 9, 2014


8/1: sunset obsessed. 
8/2: back to work. 
8/3: magic hour sunshine. 
8/4: clean starts. 
8/5: new stationery!
8/6: lift-the-flap fun. 
8/7: just a little sneak peek!!!
I've been busy editing photos these past few nights and nearly forgot to post last week's photos. But I caught myself wayyy earlier than I normally would (does that mean I get half credit at least?).

Which photos have I been editing, you ask? Well, some of you may recognize that sweet blogger and her husband up there from the blogworld. I was beyond honored to have the opportunity to take some photos of the two of them. Who, as I mentioned on instagram, win for cutest couple ever. I can't wait to share more photos from the photoshoot--cross your fingers it happens later this week!

Because when bloggers meet, it's just way too much fun. Amiright?


  1. 1: I have a weakness for tortoise shell anything.

    2. I love seeing how far you've come in photography! I think when I first found your blog, you were somewhat hesitant about venturing out to do photo sessions. I LOVE that you're putting yourself out there!

    3. And the photo from your session is so cute! Gosh and your sunsets. Listen, my husband and I must mention traveling back to the Pacific Northwest AT LEAST once a week. The SECOND it officially gets put on the calendar, I am contacting you, and we are doing a full on photoshoot adventure.

  2. So fun! Can't wait to see more pictures!

  3. I knew that was Susannah! Super cute.

  4. I spy some washi tape that was on an envelope I just opened from you! Thanks for the mailbox surprise! And yes! Skype date soon! We're going out of town this weekend, but maybe next week sometime?

  5. I LOVE THE PICTURES YOU TOOK OF US!!!!!! :-D Thanks so much, Kiki! It was great meeting you! :-)

  6. Me, too! Tortoiseshell is one of my favorite patterns/colors/whatever you call it. Brown is just not the same without tortoiseshell.

    And thank you so much! It always means so much to hear that from people who are photographers and whose photography I admire. You are so right in that I was SUPER timid about trying out photoshoots. But I've always wanted to try couples and got that AND a maternity shoot under my belt now.

    Also, you've HAVE to come visit me!!! The sunsets this time of year are stunning (and earlier in the evening which is nice on work/school nights!) and the weather is lovely, too. You must come visit me because I would be more than thrilled to have you in my part of the country. So yes, please keep me in the loop! :)

  7. Thanks, Chelsea! I can't wait to share them (and a little nervous, too!). :)

  8. You were right!!! And I had no idea you knew her, too! The blogging world is small after all!

    Well, sorta small, haha. :)

  9. Yay, you got the letter! I would loooove to Skype with you next week! Weekends are better because of work/time zones, but I can probably do after work, too. Let me know! :)

  10. Eep! Hooray! I'm so thrilled you loved them all and I cannot wait to share the rest!

    And yes, it was awesome to meet you, too! We'll have to meet up again sometime!


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