September 23, 2014


9/15: almost fall-ish. 
9/16: first teacher apple of the year. 
9/17: candy corn season. 
9/18: oops, I did it again (alternate title: 6-8 more weeks of bracing!). 
9/19: laminating for days. 
9/20: changing the mantle. 
9/21: dinner, dinner. 
Somehow getting back into the rhythm of work/life has really helped me get on top of Project 365. You would think it would make it harder for me to take photos (which it has!) but the daily grind has also helped me remember to take photos every day, too.

Weird, right? 

Anyway, there's something about a new week that is extremely refreshing and I'm excited for this new week. Excited for fresh starts and for getting closer to the end of my 6-8 week healing time for that re-sprained knee of mine.

Have a great week, friends!

p.s. This is just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is The Circle! We're sharing our Fall Faves and I can't wait to introduce you to this month's co-host. See you then!


  1. I love that you received an apple! Official teacher status! Wait - so what happened to your leg?! I mean, I know you sprained it, but how? and why?!

  2. I love the candy corn!!! I just picked some up a few weeks ago. :)

    I wrote up my post for the circle earlier this month...I'm so excited to click through all of the links!!!

  3. These pictures are awesome!!! I can't wait to link up with The Circle tomorrow!

  4. Big Bro asked me "why are there so many apples at school.' I told him to ask his teacher. Because I kind of don't know.

  5. Yeah, THAT brace, haha. Sooo stinking mad it's still there and will be there for awhile. But at least my knee's starting to feel better? :)

  6. Haha, that's actually a REALLY good question. I honestly have no idea why apples are associated with school and teachers. It's weird, right? :)

  7. Thanks, Susannah! I'm excited that you're linking up and cannot wait to read your post!!! :)

  8. Candy corn just screams fall, right? This candy corn was caramel apple flavored. I can't say I really loved it, but it wasn't bad!

    And hooray!!! I'm so excited to read your post! :)

  9. Exactly! It was actually my first actual apple I've gotten apple-shaped sugar cookies before), so it was a really sweet gift.

    And long story short, I sprained it almost a month ago when I was going down a slide (who knows how, haha) and then I re-sprained it last week at work. The doctor said it could take 6-8 weeks so that brace and I have become best buds, haha. :)

  10. PRAISE! feeling better is definitely a plus girl - a huge plus!

  11. I have never had that kind. Have you had those caramel apple lollipops? Those are right up there with regular candy corn!

    I can't wait to click through all of the posts! I'm hoping to get to them before this weekend, but we'll see. :)
    ~ Victoria

  12. Oh no! That's the worst! I'm glad it wasn't a terrible break or something permanent. I guess you've become a knee brace expert by now. :)

  13. Yes indeed! I am SO grateful that it's healing so quickly. I'm just hoping it keeps going in that direction and I don't re-sprain it again!

  14. Call me crazy... but I love laminating things. Like, I could do it all day long and I would be happy. If only that could be my job; a full time laminator. It would be pretty wonderful. For a while I had a job that let me laminate things pretty much every other day and I loved it. Crazy, I know :)

  15. I have a love/hate relationship with the laminator at my work. It usually works and I LOVE it, but sometimes it likes to stop heating mid-lamination and then I get a little annoyed with it, haha. :) But I love having it and I always love the look of something freshly laminated!

  16. I have and they're super yummy! I'm not always a huge fan of how sticky they can get, but they definitely master the caramel to apple proportions! :)

  17. p.s. You're totally not crazy. I get the same way with other office supplies, too!

  18. True - as long as it stays hot and works, it's fun. Aren't office supplies so great?! I'm glad you know the happiness they can bring :)

  19. Yes, I loooove office supplies! I used to get really excited about new school supply shopping trips growing up and now as a teacher, I have another excuse to love them even more. :)

  20. Hi Kiki- I'm stopping over from Meg's blog. Sorry about your knee! Love your mantel, and those cool/cute little animals! I'm always hearing great things about you through blog world, and I'll have to visit more often :)

  21. Hi Nicki! Thanks so much for those sweet words! It seems like my knee is finally on the mend (hoping I don't re-strain again now!). :)

    Thanks for stopping by! I love meeting other bloggers!


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