October 10, 2014


Oh man, these past few weeks have been long! I pretty much fall asleep as soon as I get under the covers which is good (no time to worry and over-think!) but not so great. You know? Anyway, I'm looking forward to resting up, enjoying the outdoors, and just catching up on all your blogs, too.

Got plans for the weekend? Or links you'd like to share? I'd love to hear about it/them!

The sweetest big brother story out there.

These photos make me want to pull out my old film camera. And when Elise mentioned the difference between digital and film photography? So good. It's a wonderful reminder to look forward, instead of back with each shot we take (and moment we live!).

Mmm...pear hand pies.

17 healthy snacks to pack in a mason jar. 

This simple childhood breakfast never looked so good.

20 things to know before you're 30. Thanks for sharing this with me, Amy!

3 easy ways to upgrade your snail mail envelopes.

I'm really liking this balloon backdrop.

For when the battle seems uphill. I've been feeling this way a lot lately and this was just the read I needed.

I'm thinking I might need to take another visit to Target soon...

On being welcoming. So many great thoughts in one post and a personal challenge for me to be more welcoming.

And because we must rise.

24 interesting things about parenting in...the United States. I may not be a mom, but I loved this post. 

Do you believe in quality over quantity? If you enjoy reading about blogging, you should definitely weigh in on the conversation!

It's so cool to see side-by-side photos of different lenses, right?

How to clean your jewelry.

On forgetting (and then remembering!) how to make friends.

I'm sorry, but these panda cupcakes are just wayyy too cute.

And this is why I teach.

Happy weekend, friends!


  1. Loved reading that parenting article! I read a book about French parenting a while back and it was really interesting!!

  2. I have been craving fruit so much!!! Those snack ideas are perfect. I'm always carrying around a jar of almonds or trail mix whenever I travel. I'm going to have to work in some other things. It's genius!

    The cinnamon sugar toast is all about the WHITE bread. My grandma always uses white bread for her toast and it's pretty much my favorite.

    Where are you supposed to put the stamp on those pretty envelopes? I liked the one where the WHOLE front was their address, but I'd hate to ruin it with a stamp/they left no room for one.

    I drove right by Target yesterday...Now I know I need to go in next time for SURE. I'm loving gold and I've been accenting my room with it lately.

    Amy's post on being welcoming was a favorite of mine too this week! I love it when she really writes her heart! :)

  3. oh my gosh, the big brother story - so cute! // those pear pies YES! i have a pear tree in the backyard and i need to make these next week! // i lurve the healthy snacks in mason jars! // you're welcome for that list - it really is soooooo good! (#14 is one of my favorites) // the post on david...wow. i needed, like NEEDED to read that today! // yes! target's gold line is beautiful, i saw it recently and thought, you win target, you win. // awe thank you for linking to that post of mine! // oh my goodness, the "we must rise" ahhh so good // woah those lenses! // LOVE ALL OF THESE!

  4. - Love that you shared Amy's post on being welcoming. It was one of my favorite reads this week.

    - And anything from minted has me swooning.

  5. Same! I found it SO fascinating! It was really cool to hear the different perspectives (especially from parents from multiple different countries!).

  6. Me, too! When the weather gets colder, I always get a little craving for summer berries and other summertime fruits. I love almonds but haven't had them in ages because we can't have any nuts at work. I miss eating them for snacks, though!

    And I haven't had cinnamon sugar toast in ages but you're probably right, it IS all about the white bread (now I'm craving some!). :)

    I totally get what you mean about those addresses on the envelopes. I'm thinking that the USPS wouldn't be too much of a fan of them but I think that they're still pretty regardless!

    And gold is so much fun, right? I've been a huge fan of gold lately, too, but I didn't look down their home decor aisles last time I went!

    Also, @Amy's post was AWESOME. Love that girl and her heart!

  7. That was totally supposed to tag @Amy :)

  8. Yes to all of your reactions! Target definitely wins. And I'm so jealous you have a pear tree in your backyard. And I also love that post on camera lenses, too!! :)

  9. Me, too! Definitely one of the best reads in the blogworld this week. Such a great challenge for me and such a great reminder that being welcoming is more than just a nice-looking home.

    And Minted ALWAYS wins. ALWAYS. :)

  10. Me, too! I have really loved that series and it's so fascinating to see what parenting is like around the world! I hope she does more series like that!

    And cinnamon toast always wins. I used to love eating it as a kid but actually haven't had it in AGES. :)

  11. That article on parenting was a pretty good read! Since I've been working with children and families for so long, I actually have some pretty firm opinions on the subject, despite not wanting children of my own. Very interesting to get a different perspective --- I went into it thinking it might all be negative, but came away pleasantly surprised.

  12. I found it really fascinating, too! It was really cool to get different opinions and perspectives and just see the differences in parenting around the world. I, too, thought it might be negative, but it was cool to read and I was surprised as well!

  13. I love film! I don't use my film camera as often as I would like though, and its purely because I tend to forget it... I like her idea to shoot a roll of film over the month! I might try that in November!! :) those pies look so cute and so delicious! I love mason jars! And i feel like some of those could work as gifts just because it looks nice!! Yes! That cinnamon toast!! We used to make cinnamon-sugar toast all the time growing up!!! Oh man the memories! Those 20 things were all spot on! I could have learned some of those before I was 20 though! ;) Those envelopes are so fun! I especially love the label maker one! Too cute! I love letter balloons!! Target and their gold/white things! Almost every time I go into to Target I tell myself, I want to buy it all! I love that post about being welcoming! I often think the same things she thought and it is such a good challenge to myself to be more welcoming - and not just when I have invited people over. I love hearing and learning about different cultures like that! It's so interesting to hear these mother's view point on things that seem so normal to me (even though I don't have kids) I have so many pieces of jewelry that need to be cleaned... yikes! oh man I totally have forgotten how to make new friends! It's hard so hard to do as a grown up (for me at least...) those panda cupcakes look way too easy (and soo cute) to make!!!

  14. Me, too! I got my aunt's old Pentax camera after I took a film photography class in high school. I miss the dark room and just taking one photo at a time, you know?

    Haha, and that Target is definitely a trap. They get me EVERY time (I actually think it must be something all bloggers have in common!). :)


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