October 24, 2014


It's Friday, friends! I'm so excited for a chance to read everyone's posts for the Circle (which you should totally read and/or link-up and join us, by the way!). I am a little behind this time around, but am actually glad I left it for this weekend because then I can really dive into each post and each book recommendation, too!

So I hope you all have a lovely weekend and get caught up on blog-reading, blog-writing, and well, just life in general.

On community for the introvert. AMEN and AMEN again.

And on making (and maintaining) friendships that flourish.

5 handwriting tips.

5 creative office design ideas.

And I really (really!) want to work/blog/live in this room.

Is it too early to share a Christmas ornament pin?

Can YOU spot Momo?

I can't wait to find these books at my library!

10 types of blog posts to diversify your content. What a fun list to expand your content and try your hand at other types of posts!

And 10 reasons to try scrapbooking. I've never been too keen into scrapbooking, but I just might have to give it a try!

This is my kind of printable.

And does someone want to get me this book?

A crazy odd way to prevent those tears from falling when chopping onions.

The cutest marshmallows you'll ever see.

17 secrets every Target lover will never tell you.

And 17 things you need to know about people who like to be alone. Apparently 17 is the magic number of the week and apparently, I am a huge Target fan and girl who likes to spend time alone because both lists described me to a T.

Plus some interesting thoughts on blogging. I would love to hear what you think about them!

Have a great one!


  1. That printable is perfect!!! I'm printing one. :)

    Amy shared that same room this morning...I really like it too!

    I just read that Hello Neverland post last night!

    And that last link...Can we say ARTICLE CLUB-ABLE?!?!

    My thoughts...

    I think that blogger burnout is real. I think that blogging can cause unrest in our souls if we let it...BUT. I think the real issue is each bloggers' personal motive. What KEEPS you blogging? Why did you begin in the first place?

    We're not all going to be able to quit our day jobs.

    Some of us will have to do it for free.

    And I think it's probably those of us who are in the latter camp who will enjoy the most and stick it out the longest.

    I could be wrong, but that's my feeling. :)

    What are YOUR thoughts?

  2. That onion trick sounds interesting... I might have to try it! The cutesttttttt marshmallows ever!! Perfect for a rainy day cup o' cocoa. :) At this point in my life I don't put out consistent content to make my blog a "slog." It's just too hard being pregnant and keeping up with life... they make some interesting points though. I also started to blog to document my life and I would be worried that getting wrapped up in ads and sponsored posts would make me focus too much on that, and take away from the real reason I wanted to blog in the first place.

  3. Target is my store and I've never been into scrapbooking either but I know some people love it.

  4. That last link to the blogging post was really interesting. I wrote a reply on the blog itself. Just for kicks, here's part of what I said:

    This post brought up an interesting question: if readers
    don’t like ads and they don’t like sponsored content, how ARE bloggers
    supposed to earn money? I’d never thought about moving toward paying for the
    “good” content. That would really trim down the number of blogs I read.

    I love the third bullet point about finding genuine joy in our work.
    Something I’ve been toying with is the idea of turning off comments. I
    just wonder if I would find as much joy from writing and posting without
    the outward validation of comments. I do love interaction with readers,
    so I don’t think I would actually turn of comments completely, but it’s
    an interesting concept. If we truly blog because we enjoy it, should we
    NEED the numbers and the comments to valid that enjoyment?
    * * *
    This goes along well with my recent "quality vs. quantity" blog talk too! Thanks for sharing, Kiki :)

  5. I love that printable, too! I'm all about having a clean workspace and I'm thinking it might have to be added to my framed wall art collection asap!

    As for the last link, definitely article club-able! :) I think doing an article club on blog posts would be so fascinating and that would definitely be a great one to start off with!

    I agree with you in that blogger burnout is real, and in my opinion, often happens with those who do turn blogging from a passion into a job. While I would love to make money from my blog, I also worry that that change will make it less enjoyable, you know?

    Like you said, I think that if we want blogging to be enjoyable, we need to make it and keep it that way--whether or not you make money from it.

    And I completely agree with your thoughts, I think that those of us who do it for free will likely last the longest! :)

  6. Me, too! I never would have thought of it and since I don't actually like to use matches to light things, I'm interested in giving it a shot. I just wonder if we can use the same match over time (like for onion cutting in the future, if that makes sense). :)

    And I don't blame you for not blogging consistently at all! It's hard to do life AND blogging (my full-time job is making it hard for me right now, so I sorta get it, haha). :) I do agree with you in that getting wrapped up in ads and sponsored posts would change the focus and passion behind the blog and that's one of the greatest reasons why I don't do them right now!

  7. Same! Target is THE best. :) And I'm thinking I might need to try some form of scrapbooking sometime. I'm thinking it might be my year-long project/goal for next year, actually! :)

  8. That's what I thought (and part of the reason why I saved it for last, so it wouldn't get lost in the middle of all the other links, haha). :)

    I really liked that point about money-making for bloggers. I'll admit, I think that as more and more bloggers head towards sponsored content, a certain personal level is lost, you know? And quite honestly, the bloggers who DO share their opinions and REAL life are my faves. I like to be able to connect with each blogger and if you're only sharing sponsored content, I tend to skim and leave before I reach the end of the post (is that bad?). But like you said, there really is a dilemma on how to make money AND still create great content that your readers (and you!) will like. I think that paying for content is an odd idea, and it would also cut down on the blogs I read, that's for sure! But who knows, maybe there will be some sort of Netflix for blogs someday! :)

    And I also like what you said about finding genuine joy in our work. It's part of the reason why I enjoy my 8-5 job so much. Passion is everything! I removed my Google Friend Connect gadget for the very reason of numbers and such. I don't follow Google Analytics (or stats) partially because I don't really get it and partially because I had to stop myself from looking for numbers all the time.

    SO that said, I have mixed feelings about turning off comments. I love the community in the comments section and I like to hear people's opinions, tips, and thoughts on my posts. But I also get what you mean in terms of numbers. I guess I tend to see comments now as a chance to connect. I'd love to hear your thoughts on turning off comments if you ever decide to do so! :)

  9. I definitely think you should frame it! :)

    Consider your first article club a success!

    How do you come across these things? Do they all come from sites that you visit regularly?
    ~ Victoria


  10. To be honest, a lot of the links I find come from blogs I read. Sometimes I'll find links via posts that other bloggers have curated (i.e. Cup of Jo's Friday posts or Tracy from Shutterbean's Friday posts) but most come from my own reading and Pinterest scrolling!

  11. Me, too! That dog is WAY too cute. :)

  12. That introverted article was spot on, I loved it! I always hate when people say to me--"your quiet". I just want to say back, thanks for reminding me I didn't know that. Lol. They say it like its a bad thing, and I loved how this article said that it is valuable.
    And the target thing- I can totally relate. Lol

  13. Oh girl, I've gotten that wayyyy too many times, too. I hated how they always saw being quiet as being a bad quality. If you ask me, I think it's a rather good one and something others should adopt every now and then. :)

    And Target is pretty much like my second home, haha. LOVE that place. :)

  14. that's so true! Some people talk too much. lol! :)
    oh me too! It's my weakness.

  15. Loved the piece about a community for introverts! I could just hear someone with a soft sweet voice talking right to me!! and yes on flourishing friendships! Lift up your friends y'all!!! I love the window in that office and those built in shelves!! It's never too early for Christmas!! I have eyed those ornaments a few times and I love them! Momo! So cute!!! I have always loved eye spy books, and this is such a fun new take on that!! Love those blog post ideas! Love her first family scrapbook! soo cute! I've tried to scrapbook, but I got so overwhelmed! I'd love to try it again! Maybe if I did it as a girls night type thing? I will have to try that trick next time I cut onions!! I heard once that if you put bread in between your bottom teeth and your lip, that that helps. I tried it and it did, but it sounds so weird that I feel like it was a trick and my brain played along?? Those marshmallows!! too cute!! And dipped in chocolate and then put on a straw!? I want some of that! oh me oh my, I sure do love Target!! How do they do it!?

  16. I agree with you on the community for introverts. I've become more and more sure (and proud, I guess?) of my introversion and it's posts like that one that really affirm my personality type. :) So glad we can be introvert blogging friends together!

    And I also agree with what you said about scrapbooking! I'm thinking it might be a goal for me this next year (like Project Life--have you heard of that?) and so we'll see if it's something that actually gets done. It's definitely overwhelming, though! :)


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