October 1, 2014


SMELLING fresh seasonally ripe apples. Sure apples are always "fresh," but seasonally, they're amazing right now and I cannot get enough of them. Please tell me I'm not the only one obsessed with the smell of fresh apples!

LOVING the cooler weather. I shared how warm it was last week and somehow the weather got my message because it's cooled down and starting to feel fall-ish. So excited for boot and scarf weather!

WATCHING OUT FOR pesky wasps that are buzzing around! I'm a tad bit afraid of bees (but have never been stung!) and seeing them flying around makes me so incredibly nervous.

PLANNING what to wear each day. I've found that planning my outfits out on a calendar (placed on top of my dresser) is the easiest way for me to get dressed in the morning. No more "did I wear this already's?" and "what should I wear today's?" going through my head!

BAKING these yummy raspberry cookies. So scrumptious and the perfect breakfast cookie out there.

CELEBRATING my first week with the kiddos! I've been prepping and stressing and prepping some more for this week and it's finally here.

WAITING FOR this silly cold of mine to go away. If you have any get-rid-of-this-cold remedies out there, I'd love the hear them!

MAKING to-do lists. I'm a huge fan of lists and have sticky notes everywhere with lists of things that need to get done asap.

LINKING UP with Jenna and Anne for their monthly currently link-up series! Thanks for letting me play along, ladies!


  1. Ehh, the only thing that ever cures my colds is sleeping them off. :-/
    For this most recent one though, I found some eucalyptus-scented shower gel, and that worked wonders with the congestion... until the shower was done. Then I had some eucalyptus essential oils burning almost all day long, so that helped a bit too.
    But really, sleep is the cure.

  2. October apples are the best apples!

  3. Cold-eeze. I do hope you get better soon. I hate wasps, bees, and all bugs. Yes, I love cool weather as well. :)

  4. Apple Cider Vinegar... a spoonful every few hours. It's HARSH... what I imagine taking a shot of hard liquor would be like, but it knocked out our colds in a day this weekend!

  5. Love the apples this time of year! Also, now I just have to make those raspberry breakfast bars.

  6. ooooooooo i want some fresh apples to bake with!
    i am pretty allergic to wasps. i got stung last fall and it went from a nickle size red spot to covering my entire calf - i had to get medicine :( :(
    i've been reading into Essential Oils...and they seem to have a lot of benefits. aka i might use them. haha (i've heard they do wonders with colds)

  7. I'm a fan of to do lists too... so I also love this idea of planning outfits on a calendar. Type A, much? Hope the first week with the kiddos is great. And thanks for participating with us again - always fun to hear what you're currently up to.

  8. When I get colds, I just quarantine myself, eat tons of soup, and sleep until it's gone. Hope you get better soon! (Also, seriously wanting some of those raspberry bars right now...)

  9. i'm definitely a list person! love em! great idea about the outfits, too. i wear scrubs to work, and while it saves me so much time in the morning, i do sometimes miss being able to pick out outfits for my week. but i'll take extra sleep over that any day. ;-)

  10. Oh my goodness, really? I honestly am not sure if I have the guts to do it! I'm actually on the mend (thanks to extra Vitamin C and lots of sleep!) but I'll have to try that one out because it really sounds like it works!

  11. That's what I've found works for me best, too! Sleep and lots and lots of it. I've never heard of Eucalyptus before but that sounds interesting! Thanks for the tip!

    And hooray for a fellow list-lover! Lists are the best and the only way I get things done.

    Also, I LOVE that idea of polaroids. I've been wanting to do something similar with my clothes so I can quickly remember all of the different outfit combinations I can put together. :)

  12. YES! October and fall apples are the best. :)

  13. Ooh, I've never heard of Cold-eeze before! Is it like a Airborne or Emergen-C or something like that?

    And I am so not a fan of wasps and bees! They're a little angry/pesky right now and I really don't like recess because I'm constantly shooing them away and hoping they don't sting me or the kids!

    Cold weather is definitely the best! Hooray for fall!

  14. The apples this time of the year really are the best. SO amazing. :)

    And I hope you get a chance to make those breakfast bars! My whole family loves them and they're the best excuse for a breakfast cookie out there!

  15. Ouch! That's terrible! I've never been stung so I'm half afraid of what it feels like and half afraid that I could be allergic (since my family has tooons of allergies!).

    And I've heard a lot about Essential Oils, too! So many bloggers are trying it these days and would love to know more about them if you give it a try!

  16. Lists and calendars are the best. I've been trying to perfect my current outfit calendar because I want to be able to re-use outfits from past months and quickly and easily remember the outfits I've created from months/years past. :)

    And thanks! These past few days have been a whirlwind, but so much fun!

    And thank YOU for this link-up! I always look forward to it and it always comes right when I need a blog post to write up!

  17. That sounds like me! I love soup this time of the year anyway, so soup and sleep is where it's at for me. Fortunately, it seems to be getting better so thank you for those well wishes!

    And you should definitely try those cookies because they're amazing. :)

  18. They really are! They're from our yard (but those are actually photos from last year because this year's crop is super buggy and gross). :) And thanks! My cold's on the mend so those well wishes are definitely appreciated right now!

  19. To be honest, I kind of wish there was a set uniform of sorts for me because I always wonder if I've worn and re-worn an outfit (hence the calendar). Extra sleep is also definitely a plus! :)

  20. I'm all about outfit repeating when you find a good one, so this makes total sense - it's nice to have quick recall of something you liked or made you feel good when you're having that "nothing to wear" feeling...

  21. watching out for: I'm SO RIGHT THERE WITH YOU - you don't even WANT to know about the day I had yesterday with a giant spider dangling right next to my head - in the car - on my morning commute in Atlanta traffic. I almost annihilated the city.

    Planning: let me tell you - planning outfits - the bane of every girl's existence - am I right?!

    Waiting For: Get over that cold asap - it's Fall, the time to get out and DO THINGS!

    Sorry for all the caps! :)

  22. I am a list maker as well! I love the feeling of being able to check something off my list.
    I love fresh apples as well. that's one thing i miss about not being in Michigan.
    aww. i hope you get better soon! Everytime I get a cold I get a sinus infection, so i always end up going to the doctor and getting some Claritan--which helps so much!
    My Dad always wants me to use vix- it's super strong smelling but it's supposed to clear your sinuses. lol!
    I have also seen those vix bombs on pinterest that you can put in the shower. I have never made them.

  23. Exactly! I feel like I'll come up with a great outfit and then the next month or so, I'll forget what it was, haha. :)

  24. Ewwww!!!! I was just telling a co-worker that the thing about bugs that gets me is that they're not only creepy and crawly but that they always pop up when I least expect it. And bugs in the car are the worst! We've had bees fly into our car and it pretty much makes me freak out just thinking about it, haha.

    And yes! I used to hate the idea of planning outfits because I would always change my mind but nowadays, I can just roll right out of bed and already know what I'm wearing!

    p.s. I love caps when it comes to comments--don't apologize for 'em! :)

  25. Fresh apples straight from the tree are the best! You seriously cannot beat those apples, especially if they're from your backyard!

    And it's funny that I mentioned cooler weather because it's supposed to get back up into the 80's or something this weekend. Where did the 60 degree weather go?

    The wasps are definitely killers right now! I've been trying to shoo them away from the kids when we're outside but they're everywhere and so incredibly pesky.

    Also, cold remedies. So hard! I take a lot of Vitamin C, sometimes some Zinc, sleep LOTS (with lots of blankets!), and eat soup and just chill out. Not a lot, but it's been working for me this time around!

  26. Sinus infections are no fun! I know some people that get them easily and definitely hear and can see how they're not fun! And I never would have thought that Claritin would help sinus infections but I could see that it would! And I've head of Vick's before and could see that it would work, but it sounds like it would smell SO much! But that might help, I guess? :)

    And I've never heard of Vick's bombs for the shower. That sounds interesting!

  27. You know, it got up to nearly 90 degrees here yesterday! It did not feel like fall AT ALL! And if I'm honest, I didn't mind it one bit. :)

    Sleep is my greatest weapon. Followed by tons of layers and airborne. I used to use Celestial Seasons Echinaccea tea for sore throats, but I've had a hard time finding it.

  28. I hope your first week has gone well! Do you love your class?
    Those raspberry cookies look amaaaazzzzinnnggg. I need them now. Yum.
    I'm with you on the apples, I typically am not a big fan of eating apples plain, but the other day I had a bite of one from an orchard and that thing was GOOD. I really like the idea of planning outfits. I'm pretty sure I wore the same shirt twice last week after I did laundry. Whoopsie!

  29. I wish I was still okay with 90 degree weather! It's been in the 80's and I'm eagerly awaiting the 60-70 degree range. I just want to wear my boots and scarves! :)

    And sleep is definitely the best. I've actually heard of that tea before but have never tried it, I'll have to keep an eye out for it!

  30. My class is really quite good! I was expecting a rougher transition (we have a lot of kids where this is their first school experience) but it's actually been quite smooth. I'm hoping for an even better week, though, now that we have a week down. :) How's your class/work been lately?

    And those cookies are amaaaazzzinnngg. I've made them 10+ times over the past few years and I still love them!

    And girl, I re-wear outfits and shirts all the time (especially since I do laundry more than once/week). It's terrible--but so true, haha!


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