October 28, 2014


10/20: charging. 
10/21: the rain is back (and here to stay). 
10/22: afternoon snacking. 
10/23: skimming and getting inspired. 
10/24: much-needed treat. 
10/25: breakfast baking.
10/26: comic relief. 
There's something about rain that really makes things cozy. And while I'm not really a fan of being cooped up indoors on the weekends, I had a much-needed restful weekend (an afternoon nap works wonders, right?) and it was just what I needed. I felt a little guilty for not being very active, but then I remembered that rest is good.

Did you rest up this weekend? I hope you got a chance to!


  1. Love the leaves with the raindrops. Keeping taking pictures.

  2. I'm all for times of rest! Yesterday was sunny and I took advantage of it by walking to the store. Today the rain is back and I'm actually glad! :)

    I love you pictures from the last week. The rain, the cookies, the baking...It sounds great!

  3. oh west elm...how i love thee.
    and i <3 rain too - i will admit when we had like 3 weeks straight of it i got a little sick of it haha.

  4. Ah! That rain!!! It looks so refreshing and those almonds and the cookie look yum!!

  5. That cookie picture realllllly has me wanting some fresh baked cookies now! :)

  6. I've never looked through a West Elm catalog, but I'm sure they are divine! I could scroll through their website for hours.

  7. I love how with every one of these posts of yours, I feel like I get such a natural and honest glimpse into your life. Lovely photos! I'm really looking forward to a restful weekend coming up. It's much needed!

  8. So glad you introduced me to West Elm! I pretty much study their catalogs when I get them in the mail. This past one with the gold on the cover got me instantly, haha. :) I still haven't ordered anything from them, but I like flipping through the pages regardless!

    And I get sick of rain come January when it's dark and SO wet. Right now, it's not too bad since we haven't had it every day, but don't worry, I'll get tired of it soon! :)

  9. You should sign-up for them! I haven't ordered anything from them but I love their store and love getting inspired by their catalogs. I'll admit, I have to stray away from their website because I could scroll through it for hours as well! :)

  10. I got that one from a co-worker and now that it's gone, I'd LOVE another. :)

  11. SAME! I never get tired of taking photos of rain and water. It's way too much fun!

    ...but maybe that's the kid in me? :)

  12. The rainfall is a little grey and dreary, but it's definitely cozy and I do love the smell of fresh rainfall. It's the PNW-er in me. :)

    And almonds and cookies are my go-to snacks. I could eat them all day, haha.

  13. Okay, so that was actually the BEST comment I've ever received about these posts of me. Every now and then I get a little tired of these posts but then I realize how close I am to getting finished with it. Thank you for invigorating me! :) My goal was to be real and I love that you enjoy looking through them!

    And a restful weekend sounds PERFECT to me. Just lovely. :)

  14. i had no idea it was ME that introduced you to the awesomeness that is west elm hahaha.
    they can have some really solid clearance!

  15. I think you were! I was trying to think of how I came about their company/store/site and seeing as I've never set foot in a store before, I think it was you who introduced me to their amazingness!


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