October 7, 2014

PROJECT 365: WEEKS 39 + 40.

9/22: finally here. 
9/23: an apple (or two!) a day. 
9/24: earlier sunsets. 
9/25: pumpkin everything. 
9/26: still blooming. 
9/27: turning into fall. 
9/28: list-making like crazy. 
9/29: blue skies. 
9/30: one lone candle. 
10/1: foggy mornings!
10/2: found in my pocket after work. 
10/3: catching a little sun.
10/4: the best kind of target finds. 
10/5: finally watched it. 
I didn't want to overload you with photos, but I am and well, oops? Last week flew by with new kids and long work days and well, exhaustion on my part but I'm hoping that now that I've got one week on my belt, I'll be able to stay on top of things and hopefully not have to play catch up again.

How was your week, friends? I was editing all my photos and noticed how fall-like this past week's photos became. Fall is finally here and now I'm hoping the summer-y weather gets that message, too!


  1. I totally bought those Sharpies on clearance at Target too. Absolutely not to be passed up!

  2. I love the glasses. I had something similar. It has been busy but good.

  3. oh man, i love target clearance!

  4. Ha! The lists... I was looking at them thinking it was things you'd like to do... and I was like...hmmm... then I realized it's probably for your class?!

  5. I really like your fall picture and the one lone candle. What did you think of the Lego movie?

  6. You do an awesome job at capturing beautiful photos of seemingly ordinary moments my friend! I love reading along with you!

  7. I love the morning shot!!!

    And I really need (or maybe I don't) to check out Target more often! Clearance sections at any store are my favorite. :)

    The bits of fall in this post just make me so happy.

    Also...The Lego Movie. I saw it in the theater and was surprised at just how much I enjoyed it! :)

  8. Yay! I am happy to be back in the world of blogging and catching up on your 365 posts. :) Your list looks an awful lot like my lists, haha. Oh, job charts!

    Also. Lego movie. I loved it so much and not just because I worked for Lego for so long... it was just so adorable and funny and good!

  9. Haha, YES, it's definitely for the kids! As much as I love cleaning up and putting milk on table spaces, it's definitely not a "job" I love so much that I'd have to make a list of it. It's for our classroom job chart! :)

  10. Who doesn't? I was so surprised to see those Sharpies on clearance and am so glad I spotted them in the first place!

  11. Thanks, Ladonna! Those glasses are so much fun and I love that I have a new pair, even if they are similar to my old frames!

  12. Agreed! How could you pass up Sharpies on clearance that are at Target? Definitely a win-win situation. :)

  13. Thanks! Those were some of my faves from these past few weeks. That candle was for my mom's birthday because she didn't want to blow out a bunch of candles. So we made do with just one! :)

    And the Lego movie was actually surprisingly pretty good! I've had a few people tell me they like it (kids included, of course) and was surprised that I actually enjoyed the whole thing. We rented the movie so there were some scratches (aka some scenes were skipped) but it was a good movie over all in my opinion! Have you seen it?

  14. Aw, thanks Amy! That means SO much to me! Everyday moments are some of my favorite (as you know!) and just taking a moment to take a photo of them and then edit/post them has really helped me to remember to cherish them even more. :)

    And I feel really bad because I feel like I haven't sent you snail mail in ages!!! I need to change that ASAP! :)

  15. The clearance section at Target can be awesome! Those Sharpies were actually on an end-cap of an aisle so they weren't in a designated clearance spot. Just a lucky find! But you should go to Target regardless, in my opinion!

    And the bits of fall photo? MY FAVE. I'm so ready for cooler fall weather (as I'm sure you know by now!).

    Also, I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed the Lego movie, too! The copy we rented had a few scratches but we might end up buying it because everyone liked it. So a winner over here! :)

  16. Haha, I forgot that you must make job charts, too! I still have yet to make mine--there are so many ways to make them so I'm open to suggestions! Isn't it crazy how much kids love jobs? :)

    And I loved it, too! Our rented copy had a few scratches so I missed a few moments of it, but we're thinking we might end up buy it because we loved it so much! Definitely adorable, funny, and so original, too!

  17. Those end isles...I get a lot of nail polish there! I'll have to start looking for other things too. :)
    I think the movie is worth the $$$! We're still talking about it, pulling it out to watch, and laughing about Morgan Freeman. And inserting "everything is awesome" into any conversation where it might possibly fit. I love having kids in the house! :)
    ~ Victoria


  18. Haha, I just had a kiddo at work sing Everything is Awesome today at work! :) I'm definitely thinking we'll end up buying the movie, too. It's definitely one of those "watch again" kind of movies!

    And those end aisles are the best. That's where all of the great prices are! :)

  19. That is funny. Mine are similar to my old frames too. :)

  20. Isn't it funny how that ends up? I always try and change it up since I don't get glasses very often, but they ended up looking really similar again! :)

  21. I haven't seen it, but Jordan wants to!

  22. You should! I hope you get a chance to!

  23. How'd you like Lego Movie? I thought it was so cute! I've watched it about five times now. Haha! And are you liking you Warby Parker frames? I did a at-home try-on awhile ago, but never ended up purchasing.

  24. I liked it! I thought it was really cute and was surprised by how much I actually liked it. :) And I do like my Warby Parker frames! I've always been a fan but had to try two try-on boxes before I found this one!

  25. 1. Yay for your new glasses! Which pair did you go with?
    2. Those apples with water on them = AUTUMN! :)
    3. Are those pumpkin m&m's? Are they good? I'm always nervous to try out their new things, but I love that they (and hershey kisses) push new types of fillings/flavors all the time!!
    4. Oh my gosh! A plumeria plant!!! We have one!! D got it on a work trip to Hawaii (that I sadly did not get to go on) and we have it planted and I can't wait for the flowers to bud! So far we just have a few leaves... those things are resilient! I am THE WORST at taking care of plants/flowers and that thing has stuck through a lot!!
    5. Yay for lists!!
    6. FOG!!!!
    7. I am in love with that light that is spilling in and slightly lighting the little bits of shadow!
    8. Yes to target sales
    9. loved the lego movie... Everything is awesome! (we probably sang that for a week straight)

  26. I ended up getting a second box from Warby Parker so it's none of the ones that I tried on and posted about! I really love them though and knew they were THE ones as soon as I put them on.

    And those are pumpkin M&M's! My mom likes to try new things like that but I can't say I was really a fan (I'm more of a fan of plain dark chocolate!).

    And plumerias are pretty, right? That one is actually my sister's plant from when we went to Hawaii six-ish years ago. It's grown A LOT and didn't flower until a couple years (or maybe just one?) after we planted it. They are definitely resilient, though!

    And yes, everything is awesome! One of the kids at work sings it and it's beyond cute to hear it. :)


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