October 20, 2014

PROJECT 365: WEEKS 41 + 42.

10/6: just a glimpse.
10/7 little gnome and friends.
10/8 backyard apples. 
10/9 check-writing.
10/10: scarf season!
10/11: lake views.
10/12: sparkly water droplet bokeh. 
10/13: blue door!
10/14: happy mail. 
10/15: because fall light is my fave. 
10/16: backseat driving. 
10/17: changing colors. 
10/18: hiking for days. 
10/19: who built the ark?
Apparently, two is the magic number around here because I've been on this trend of sharing two week's of photos at a time. Work has taken over my life again (not complaining, though since I really do love my job), so it's been a struggle for me to make time for photography.

That said, how do YOU make time for your passions and hobbies? I'd love to hear your tips and tricks!

p.s. This Wednesday is The Circle! Don't forget to write up your book report and link-up with us then! I can't wait to introduce you to this month's co-host and read your posts!


  1. These are great photos. You should build a portfolio because you are very talented.

  2. So we decided this weekend that we all want to come live with you. Because you live in Twilight. P.S. The gnome peeking over is cute!!

  3. truth. we really did discuss this!

  4. Scarf twins unite!

    As you know, my husband and I make weekly plans to do whatever it takes to move out to the PNW. That hiking trail! LOVE.

  5. Making time for my passions is so hard as well. I guess the best thing to do is schedule it like an appointment (I do the same thing with my God Time)...make it a priority. Even if you just schedule a 15 minute walk around your neighborhood with your camera. I know you love your work (you said so yourself) but taking the time to enjoy the little things in life (take a picture of your coffee cup on your desk) and share that with us. Maybe it will be a mix of the two for a while...

  6. Great job! I love changing colors and backseat driving the best, I think :)

  7. This topic has so been on my mind lately. The school year is well underway and I am just so swamped that all my photography plans get postponed more often than not. :( I'm working on it though, and hopefully will at least get one or two seasonal photoshoots in.

  8. The leaf picture from 10/15 is my FAVORITE....but there are several others that I really, really like too! :) Yay! For the blue door!!!

    Also work, passions, and hobbies are sooo hard to balance. I just do what I can when I can. You have some loyal readers, we understand the busy seasons mean a little (or sometimes, even a lot) less blogging!

  9. Love these!!! That lake, and the forest!! Oh my gosh! I can just smell the fresh earth and hear the birds, and the wind blowing lightly through the trees!!

  10. Aw, thanks! That means SO much to me (especially since I'd love to expand and broaden my portfolio!). :)

  11. Haha, DO IT!!! You are more than welcome to move out here (which says a lot coming from a girl who doesn't want her area to be too over-crowded). The PNW is where it's at! :)

  12. Then we should totally make it happen, right? :)

  13. Thanks, Chelsea! We wanted to brighten up the entry way and we haven't really ever changed the color of the front door. So a new color change was in order! :)

  14. YES! I love that we have the same scarf. Target for the win! :)

    And plllllllease come out here! Seriously, I would pretty much freak out if I heard you were coming to my neck of the woods (that hiking trail is like a 15 minute drive from home!). :)

  15. So much truth in what you said! I definitely haven't made photography a priority right now but I love the idea of just making it a part of my day. And I'm liking the 15 minute walk idea! I've been getting home later (once it's getting dark) but I'm hoping I can change that soon before it's REALLY dark! :)

    And I also like the idea of taking photos of the little things---that was actually my goal for this project! :)

  16. Thanks, friend! Changing colors and backseat driving really ARE the best! :)

  17. Glad you understand and can relate! I feel like once school year comes around, my camera just sits around. I really want to change that, though, and I hope you get a chance to get those seasonal photoshoots in! :)

  18. SAME! I loved that one and when I saw the raindrops on the grass AND the sunlight illuminating the leaves I knew I had to snap some photos real quick before the moment passed.

    And hooray for amazing AND understanding readers! It has made such a big difference to know I am sharing my life with people who understand. :)

  19. I know, right? I looove the smell of the great outdoors and you pretty much described my favorite fall day/weekend! :)


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