November 7, 2014


Hip hip hooray, it's Friday! After a crazy week (with a stomach bug running through our school--fingers crossed I won't get it...knock on wood), I'm ready to finish being a crazy disinfectant-er and just relax.

And yes, those couple sentences look crazy, but that's pretty much what my brain looks like right now. Have a wonderful weekend, okay?

The yummiest brownies I've seen in a long time.

And because this friend makes the best freebies out there.

There IS meaning in the journey.

Would you (or do you?) print your blog posts?

Graphic design 101. 

25 clever bobby pin hairdos and DIYs. 

And this is why I journal.

Plus three journal (or blog!) prompts for November.

Now I really want ankle boots. 

6 stretches for people who work at desks (or for those who just need a good stretch!).

I absolutely positively adore this citrus print.

How to decide which social media platforms are right for you. 

Loving everything from this new shop!

Cute and colorful foam wall art.

And the wisest words I read this week.

Have a great one!


  1. Whenever there's a stomach bug going on I hibernate. I HATE stomach bugs!

  2. Ankle boots are the BEST! I love how she paired the socks and boots- cause it's been FREEZING here lately!
    And that quote from A Cup of Jo is SO good. It spoke volumes to me, and the loved the fresh perspective.

    Thanks for featuring my post!

  3. Oh, I hope you don't get the bug. Have a great weekend.

  4. I haven't yet (knock on wood!). I got some sort of 24 hour stomach bug last year and am hoping I got my fair share of it for a loooong time, haha. :) Hope you stay well and have a great weekend as well!

  5. That's what I wanted to do! I wanted to bunker down and nap all day at home. But fortunately, it *seems* to have ended in our class and I'm just hoping it doesn't come back! :)

  6. I've never owned a pair but I've seen them everywhere and they're so cute! Do you own a pair? If so, do you recommend a store/brand?

    And I LOVED that quote. It was honestly the best thing I had read all week--well, that along with your post! :)

  7. oh! I hope you are able to bypass the stomach bug and that it all blows away soon!

    oh my goodness I need those brownies!!! seriously they look delicious!! oh friend! You are so sweet! AMEN! That is something I need to constantly remind myself of everyday! As much as I want to just get from here to there, there is meaning in the journey! I love her thoughts on printing her blog posts! I have never thought or considered it, but I love the idea! Those hairstyles look so simple, but I'm so intimidated by the thought of doing hair... ah! I want all the things from their shop too! That foam wall art is the cutest!!! And soo simple!

  8. So far, I have! Just hoping it stays that way. :)

    And if you make those brownies, you should totally send me some (just kidding). :) And I'm a little scared of long hair, too. I don't like tangles and I love how shorter hair dries faster, too (especially since I have crazy thick hair!). :)

  9. Great links, friend! Loving the one about social media platforms!

    We haven't had the stomach bug going around, but a few weeks ago I did come down with strep! Yuck! No fun!

  10. Oh no! Strep is definitely not fun! :) I haven't managed to get anything yet and it seems to have passed (but I could be speaking too early, haha).

    And I loved that link, too! Along with that one from A Cup of Jo! :)


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