November 21, 2014


Happiest of happy Fridays, friends! I know this is likely coming to you late this time around (especially for my East Coast friends!) and I am so sorry! I somehow blanked on scheduling this post and was instead more worried about what pajamas I was going to wear to school/work today (it's Pajama Day in case you were wondering).

And maybe a Pajama Weekend for me, too. What about you?

My thoughts on community building. What are yours?

Plus a chance to link-up with The Circle! I have loved reading everyone's posts and there's still plenty of time to join in and/or see what everyone's essentials are! Special thanks to all who have joined so far!

On learning to love the middle. One of my most favorite reads from the week.

Because we need to surrender--each and every day.

Does this really work?

Cutest baby ever award goes to this little (dancing) one!

Such a mysteriously cool DIY project.

I've been brainstorming Thanksgiving place setting ideas and this was just the post I needed.

Would you ever try this trick to stay motivated?

Courage only exists where there is fear. Loved this post.  

Monogram marshmallows!

And a pretty cool wall art frame DIY, too.

To make you laugh. Gotta love kids and technology, right?

Plus a cute family photo session.

Currently watching this show! Any other fellow Red Band-ers out there?

For when creativity is lacking.

Have a great one!


  1. I love that article about the middle... I struggle so much with that sometimes... I love that circle technique! It looks so simple, I can't wait to try! That baby is super cute! Those bracelets are so awesome! They look so easy to make and like they could go with anything! Oh my gosh! Those place settings!! The plaid napkins with cinnamon and real leaves! and those branch forks! And the black and gold menu board!! That stay motivated idea is genius! That frame is so cute! I love Ellen! That was so fun!

  2. Pajamas are important. Especially when they're supposed to be presentable. Because mine are usually old shirts with paint or bleach spots and like 5 year old pj pants. NOT presentable. But cozy!

  3. Love love love those monogram marshmallows!!

  4. you are seriously the best! thank you for linking my blog post. it's my favorite. and thank you for being a constant source of encouragement and inspiration!

  5. Girl, mine are sweats and old t-shirts, too. Cozy is my first priority for pajamas! I actually had to go out and buy some cute ones (that I normally wouldn't spend money on) just to wear to preschool. I guess I can now consider it work wear, haha. :)

  6. Same! Aren't they adorable? I keep seeing tutorials and recipes for marshmallows but haven't ever tried making some. Hmmm...maybe I should change that? :)

  7. Thank YOU for writing it! Your posts always remind me that I'm not alone and that I need to pursue Him and deepen my relationship with Him each and every day. So thank YOU for being that source of encouragement and inspiration in my life!

  8. So many great posts in the blogworld this week, right? I am constantly amazed by all of the inspiration and encouragement out there--along with laughs and honesty, too! You picked out some of my faves--especially the Ellen video, the Thanksgiving place settings, and the middle post, too. :)


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