November 28, 2014


Happy Friday, friends! How was your Thanksgiving? Did anyone eat any leftover pie for breakfast? If you ask me, dessert always makes for a yummy breakfast.

Are any of you shopping during Black Friday? I'm not a real big fan of crowds, but I may or may not get ahead on Christmas shopping and buy something on Etsy or something...we shall see!

Speaking of Christmas shopping, I'm completely obsessed with Anne's gift grids. So many brilliant gift ideas!

There's something about mini cookies that makes me smile.

How to remix that chambray shirt (that I want to live in all day every day).

This may not be the healthiest, but it sounds like the perfect snack to me!

What a dreamy treehouse (and pretty photoshoot location, too!).

I've been playing catch-up with all of my favorite photographers--especially this one.

Stunning free printables.

Such a cute way to show off cute holiday coats (I love the second one!). 

I want these adorable trees on top of my next cake.

Disappointments don't have to defeat us.

Such a pretty wedding.

This printable will come in handy when I'm shopping for the family's presents!

Washi tape on the walls!

And some wise words for this holiday season.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. THe Hubs loves to venture out in the madness so he went a couple hours ago... I stayed home. Ha!

  2. That's one brave husband you've got! I'm pretty sure I could never venture out in the crowds (too many people too early in the morning!) but I always admire those that can. :) I'm definitely more of the shopping online kind of girl! :)

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. I love that holiday shopping list!

  4. Me, too! So many great ideas! :)

  5. LOVE those gift grids! Such great ideas! Those little cookies are too cute... I also am loving jacket #2... so cute!

  6. I agree, Anne has TONS of great gift ideas. It's giving me some ideas to add to mine, haha. And those cookies are WAY too cute and that second jacket was really pretty! :)

  7. love, love, love all of these.
    that tree house = swoon.
    and those wise words. amen and amen.

  8. We sadly didn't have pie because we got started a little too late so we didn't have time to bake the pies. We went out on Friday but only to get chocolate chips to bake cookies. Did you end up going out? Those gift grids are fun! I may or may not have found some things I liked for myself there! How cute are those cookies!!!!! I love chambray, I've never tried it though, I just don't think I could pull it off... That treehouse is amazing! those printable are so fun! and I love all the colorful coats! I love those tree cake toppers! Such a cute idea!! Although, I'm not a fan of marzipan. That's it! I'm going to Iceland! I have has a few friends travel there and it's just beautiful!

  9. I didn't end up going out! I'm too much of a chicken to do Black Friday. Crowds and I are not fans! :)

    And you can TOTALLY pull of chambray. I wore mine today and would seriously wear it every day if it were possible. I actually hated collared tops/blouses but just recently started wearing a few and now I'm on the lookout for more!

    I'm not a huge fan of marzipan, either. Just a fan of all the fun you can do with it! :)

    And friends in Iceland? That's awesome! You should totally go! Just imagine all the amazing photos you can take!! :)

  10. Same. And I LOVE that you use the word swoon. It so perfectly sums up that tree house!


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