November 11, 2014

PROJECT 365: WEEKS 44 + 45.

10/27: foggy views.
10/28: pattern mixing at its finest.
10/29: neighbor friends. 
10/30: because coloring books are the best (especially when babysitting!). 
10/31: papel picado. 
11/1: changing colors. 
11/2: sunday sermon notes. 
11/3: apple cider yummyness.
11/4: autumn colors. 
11/5: preschool song list. 
11/6: one of the cons of wearing glasses (and living in the rainy pnw!).  
11/7: measuring. 
11/8: puppy naps. 
11/9: selfie time. 
As the year comes to an end, I feel more and more like I haven't really given this yearlong project the attention it deserves. I want to end this project with a grand HURRAH. I want to post photos more regularly and run this last leg of the race with endurance, not exhaustion. It sounds weird to say this about a little photography project, but it's true.

So here's to finishing the year off strong, friends!


  1. Autumn colors are just stunning.

  2. all of these are beautiful for 10/29 and 11/1 are gorgeous!!! I think I may do this challenge at the beginning of 2015!

  3. I've definitely loved seeing these photos! Keep trucking on!

  4. Love the socks. Yes, wearing glasses when it rains is never fun.

    thats it ...i'm moving out there.

  6. Agreed! I cannot get enough of them and hate how they change so quickly! I just want to savor all of the beautiful warm tones outside! :)

  7. Those were my faves, too, Cassie! I love all things outdoors and really try to take as many of my photos outside as possible.

    And YESSSS! You should totally do a 365 day challenge next year! It's not always easy, but it is so worth it in the end. I'd love to see what your year in photos looks like!

  8. Thanks for the encouragement, Meg! I definitely have been lacking in the inspiration lately so it means a looot that you actually enjoy looking at my photos! :)

  9. Fun socks are my fave, too. They definitely brighten up your day! :) And glasses in the rain is definitely not fun at all. I love the rain and I love wearing glasses, but not together, that's for sure! :)

  10. PLEASE DO. :)

    Seriously, though, come visit! Susannah, Victoria, and I are like kinda/sorta seriously considering planning some sort of blogging get together in the PNW and you are soooooo totally invited. :)

  11. Thanks, Kelly! Fog and leaves are my fave right now so I'm glad you actually enjoyed those photos. :)

    And that is so sweet that you thought of me today! I so miss book fairs (one of my fave parts of elementary school!) and would have spent hours in the preschool section if we had them here! Is it weird that I actually haven't read any of the Pete the Cat books? I've heard of them and have seen them as book recommendations for preschoolers but have never actually picked one up. If there were plush Pete the Cats at a book fair, they MUST be good books! :)

  12. Aw, I love that little deer! I just love when I see them in our neighborhood, but I've never been quick enough to snap a photo! Love all of these photos, Kiki!

  13. They're a little too friendly over here (they eat everything, haha). :) But I can't help myself from taking photos of them regardless. :)

  14. I'm liking all those nature photos!

  15. Loved the foggy views and the neighborhood friend! :)

  16. Thank you, Jessica! Nature photos are always my favorite and I love hearing from others who share my appreciation, too!

    And I got your other comment about the links on my blog sidebar not working, I fixed them and thank you SO much for telling me they weren't working!

  17. Me, too! Me, too! Those were my faves this time around. :)

  18. I love neighbor friends and puppy naps! I'm impressed you've kept with your project all year. I started that once... and forgot on day 2. ha! Oh gosh :)

  19. I definitely cheated with this project (taking two photos in a day, for example) but I didn't want to put too much pressure on myself. While I wish I had truly taken a photo each day, the goal was to just document my everyday life, not literally every single day. So I've DEFINITELY forgotten days, that's for sure! :)

  20. I LOVE that view! I also love your jeans! Super cute! I have an old pair of jeans that I have contemplated attempting a white polka dot look, but I'm too nervous that I'll mess it up. What a fun visitor in your yard! yay for changing colors and apple cider!!! puppy paws! So cute!

  21. uh STOPPPP i would love to
    there is actually whispers of me visiting Seattle in feb.

  22. I actually found those jeans on ThredUp over the summer! I have been on the lookout for patterned jeans and found them there for like $10 or so--totally worth it! :) I actually had contemplated DIY-ing it myself but never got the nerves to because I didn't want to mess it up either. But they're so much fun to wear so I say DO it!!!

  23. You should definately grab one, in that case! Pete the Cat and the Pigeon are two characters that seem to work magic in every preschool classroom they enter. :)

  24. I know about the Pigeon books! I think I'll go see if my library has them and then it'll likely go on my wishlist soon, too! :)


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