December 19, 2014


Happy Friday, friends! Are you on Christmas break yet? It's officially Christmas break for me and I'm pumped to be able to get a chance for a little sleeping, reading, and lots of blogging. Pretty much live every day like it's the weekend...

Hope you have a great one, friends!

Some pretty cool and creative gift-wrapping ideas.

Are you going to go out and see this movie?

Gingerbread man piñata!

And the coolest gingerbread farm ever.

How to make a perfectly domed muffin.

Loved this couple's photo session.

One word: yum. 

15 ways to avoid blogger burnout.

The cutest December wallpaper yet.

And a pretty cute family portrait session, too.

Love her blog and her blog's latest look.

Edible pinecones?

Love this packaging. Gold and kraft paper all the way.

And some quick holiday DIY projects to tackle this weekend.


  1. I don't get Christmas break anymore (boooo, post-college life!), But I do have the whole week after Christmas off, so I'm excited!

  2. That is definitely a downside to post-college life (among a few other things!). But hooray for having the whole week of Christmas off! :)

  3. that couple session in the garden of the!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow is right! I've always wanted to go to Colorado, but now I want to even more!


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