December 16, 2014


Happy December, friends! It's so hard to believe that Christmas is just over a week away. And if you know me, I still don't have my Christmas shopping done (although, I've been doing a lot better than I have been in the past--especially when I was in school).

Even though I say this every month, I'm super excited about sharing my post with you and reading all of your posts, too. There's something about these kinds of posts that bring out so much individuality, creativity, and fun.

Speaking of fun and creativity, I cannot wait for you to meet this month's co-host! This lovely friend of mine is not only a fellow preschool teacher, but someone who really lives out her life in the most honest, caring, and creative ways imaginable. And if you haven't stopped by her blog lately, you have got to check out her posts on her recently announced pregnancy. That girl is going to make one awesome mama.

So go check out Danica's blog and see what she's wishlisting for Christmas and then find out what I'm loving, too. Fortunately for me, I have a birthday in January so I can add anything I love on your lists to my birthday wishlist (hashtag winning!).
christmas wishlist 2014
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1. FOTOSTRAP CAMERA STRAP | I saw this camera strap on Beth's blog a few months back and have been in love with it ever since. I've been looking for a nice camera strap ever since I got my camera and love that it not only comes with a long enough strap for a crossbody but it also has a simple and beautiful design (hello, leather shoulder pad!). Oh, and do you want to know what's even better? Fotostrap gives back 10% of its proceeds to Fotolanthropy, a non-profit organization that provides photo sessions to inspiring people overcoming adversity.

2. MONTHLY PLANNER | A simple monthly planner from Etsy--what's not to love?

3. NEW BEDDING | I've been looking for a new duvet cover for months (my current one is from middle school and has seen better days).

4. ART PRINTS | I've been a real slacker in terms of re-designing my bedroom and hope that 2015 will be the year of a new bedroom (that I can finally photograph and blog about!).

5. TOMS | I may be a little late to jump on the bandwagon with TOMS, but I've loved them ever since they came out. And I actually think that pair may end up under the tree this year--and that's only because my parents had to ask me what size I wanted.

6. MUGS | Is it weird that I don't have my own mug? I've only ever used mugs that my parents have and have never had one of my own (aside from a itsy bitsy one that I got as a kid, which literally held 3-4 ounces total). I think it's about time I got one and I love every single one from this shop.

7. ETSY JEWELRY | Jewelry from Etsy is always the best. Always.

8. IKEA CHAIR | So this is really just on my wishlist because I know it's not going to be wrapped up for me on Christmas morning. But a girl can wish, right?

So what's on YOUR list this Christmas? And are you a fan of a bunch of little gifts or one big gift? Do you have any Christmas present traditions in your family? I'd love to hear any and all of them!

Next month (or next year?) we'll answer this prompt: Never have I ever... Stumped? Well, you can come up with items left on your bucket list; things you didn't do but always wish you did/could; or things you think will make us chuckle. I'm already brainstorming my list and I can't wait to see yours! The link-up will go live on Wednesday, January 14th and I cannot wait for you to find out who my co-host is!


  1. I kind of love everything in your list. We MAY be the same person.

  2. You have some nice stuff on your list. Love the mug.

  3. Loving your list, Kiki! I'm also trying to find a nice camera strap. I love the one you picked out :) And yes to all the etsy jewelry!!

  4. So many fun things to wish for--that necklace is so pretty, and I need a simple monthly planner as well. And Toms are the best!! I hope you get a pair!

  5. Such a fun theme yet again - these are going to be fun to look through. I'd take one of everything on your list too, I have to say... the necklace and print are so lovely. What a great chair too! And I love your collage layouts lately, lady. So nice.

  6. I have Toms on my list too! I really need a new pair. I had a silver glittery pair that I wore holes through after about a year because I wore them almost every day. ;)

  7. That's so funny that your parents had to ask- only because my parents would have to ask me too. Great stuff on your list! And I'm also glad to hear I'm not the only one not finished with her christmas shopping!

  8. I really want a Foto Strap, but hello expensive! I can't seem to justify something like that when my regular Canon strap works just fine. But I love that they give back! Excited for next month's topic! Sorry I didn't join this month. These last two weeks have been a little crazy, to say the least.

  9. i love that pillow for your bedding. so cute!
    That chair looks comfy, good for curling up and blogging.
    that mug is too cute as well!
    And the shoes, i love that print!

  10. I'm adding the next one to my calendar! I'm sad I missed this one, but I will be doing a wishlist type post next week so I'll be sure to link it up. :)

    I really LOVE your wishlist! The fotostrap is on my list as well as a necklace similar to the one pictured! I want a floating cross necklace where the cross can move all around. I have one...but I've worn it every day for 5 years, so it's a little...worn. :)

  11. Definitely lots of nice stuff--I doubt I'll get it all, but a girl can wish still, right? Merry Christmas, Ladonna!

  12. Thanks, Gina! I've been looking for a new camera strap for a few years now (still have the one my camera came with) and love what Fotostrap is all about.

    And yes to Etsy jewelry. I can't get enough of it!

  13. I hope a get a pair of TOMS, too! I've been looking at them and wanting a pair for years now and just hope they fit and will be as fun as they look (not that I have any doubts!). :)

    Merry Christmas, Shea! :)

  14. I can't wait to get through them all, too! I'm a little late checking out posts this time around but can't wait to see what everyone is wishlisting.

    And thanks for the compliment! It means a lot coming from the girl who's a collage pro! :)

  15. I've never owned a pair before! I've wanted a pair for years but never got to buying one. You'll have to let me know if you get some and what print you get!

  16. My parents like to ask about all that stuff and more, haha. :) Gotta love parents, right? Love that you understand and can relate!

    And girl, you're definitely not alone! Last-minute shopping is pretty much a guarantee for me these days!

  17. SAME! I've had my eye on them for a few months now and have always wishlisted them because I can't justify buying one either.

    And I'm excited about next month, too! I would have loooved to see your wishlist, but I definitely understand why you didn't join in this time around--December has been crazy for me lately!

  18. Same! I really should have gotten that bedding because now it's gone--womp, womp. :)

  19. Yay!!! I can't wait to see what you write to answer next month's prompt. :) And I also can't wait to see your wishlist-y post, too!

    That necklace sounds sooo cool--I'm going to have to Google it because I would love a cross necklace of my own!

  20. THE DAYPLANNER!!!! love!
    honestly i love everything!!! that pillow = florals are so in!!

  21. I know, right? That day planner is EXACTLY what I want in a planner. EXACTLY. I just might have to order it.

    And florals are definitely in! I may have/sort of waited too long to order it (I think it's no longer sold) but I still love all things floral. :)

  22. oh shoot! Well i hope you find some other bedding just as cute as that :)


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