December 31, 2014


JANUARY 1ST, 2014.
FEBRUARY 8TH, 2014. 
MARCH 5TH, 2014.
APRIL 30TH, 2014. 
MAY 23RD, 2014. 
JUNE 17TH, 2014. 
JULY 11TH, 2014. 
AUGUST 23RD, 2014. 
OCTOBER 11TH, 2014. 
NOVEMBER 17TH, 2014. 
DECEMBER 19TH, 2014. 
Some of you may be wondering what I thought about this 365 day photo project. I won't lie and say that it wasn't tedious. And that at some points, I considered quitting. I won't lie and say that I didn't cheat, either. Because real life happens and sometimes you just have to put the camera down.

But I also know that this project really helped me continue to seek out the beauty in every day life. The whole point of this project is to capture the every day, not just the exciting or extravagant parts of life. I also loved that this project improved my photography. If pulling out your camera (almost) every day doesn't help you get to know it, I don't know what does.

So would I recommend this project to a fellow blogger/photographer? Yes and no. I think it's a fantastic project, especially for those of you who love everyday moments and/or want to learn more about your camera. But I recommend that you go into it with realistic expectations. Perfection isn't possible for anyone, and expecting to capture the perfect photo won't happen (at least not for me!).

Would I do this project again? Yep! I'm already thinking of ways to tweak this project for the upcoming year, actually. I am thinking of doing some sort of monthly recap with photos from the month, but I'm not going to follow the one-photo-a-day rule that this project includes.

I'm also thinking that I would tackle this project again if/when I have my own family/kids. I think that this project really allows to you capture the everyday moments and I want that for my kids--after all, there's no perfection needed for fun!

So those are my (wordy) thoughts about this project. Have you tackled this project before (or one similar)? Are you thinking about starting it in 2015?


  1. So my new project is one of these! I'm not going to beat myself up... if I miss some days, oh well. And I'm including instagram in my project too, so hopefully between my big camera and phone I can get one photo... it may not be a "great" shot... but it will document. And like you said... that's what I want to do. Nervous.

  2. These photos are beautiful because they are simple. They capture the everyday. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thank you for your honesty!!! I'm looking forward to doing the 365 project starting tomorrow, but I know that life is busy and crazy sometimes. So excited to see how the next year turns out! I am defintiely going to use my phone and camera so hopefully this will help in the busy days!

  4. I feel the same way, nervous!! haha

  5. I’m curious about undertaking such a commitment but I know the outcome is so rewarding. It’s almost the fear of not getting each day captured...but I suppose the hard work will pay off when you have your final results ;) Love this idea and thanks for sharing!

    Primarily Inspired

  6. YES! Do it! I definitely think you're entering this project with the right state of mind--it's important to be okay with missing days (at least in my experience). I can't wait to see your shots!

  7. Thanks, Ladonna! I LOVE the simple and everyday so it means a lot that you see that in these photos!

  8. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos! Life definitely gets crazy but if you have an open-mind, then I KNOW you'll succeed with this project. I'm excited to see your posts!

  9. It's definitely a commitment, but one that is definitely do-able! If you have an open-mind and are committed, it's a truly rewarding project to undertake. I hope you get a chance to this year or the next!

  10. Soooo many fantastic photos and moments you've captured! I've loved seeing your updates from this project but didn't really ever consider doing it myself until I was thinking about my 2015 resolution today - to live more in the present - and suddenly I realized this would be the perfect way to make sure I am noticing the little everyday things. I wouldn't be mad about the improved photography skills bonus either :)

  11. I love the idea of this project, but you are right. There is a lot that goes into it! I think this is why I'm loving my #Snapshots series I've started. It allows me to get out, explore, and capture moments, but kind of on my own, without a daunting goal. Like you said, life gets in the way, but I think you did a wonderful job with this project! I always enjoyed looking at the photos that you captured!

  12. Thanks! It was a challenging project at times, but definitely worth it. It wasn't all that bad once I got a few months down (it became a habit) but it was hard when I lost the motivation to keep going. But now I'm kind of wondering what's next--I have a feeling I'll still be snapping random photos here and there, that's for sure!

    And I love your series! I love that it encourages exploration and adventure (and that you don't have to travel far to find it!) and is gets you taking photos, too.

  13. the spiderweb is one of my favorites!
    I LOVE that you did this project, i think it helped you to grow and look at the world a little differently!

  14. It was one of mine, too--even though I hate spiders!

    And this project realllly helped me grow. So much so that I don't know what I'm going to do now that I'm "done"!


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