January 28, 2015


It's crazy how it's already the end of January. I actually have this weird theory going that as you get older, time just goes by quicker. Either that, or life just gets busier. But I'll save all that for another post.

Anyway, you know how they say that you need to keep yourself accountable when it comes to resolutions? Well, I'm going to turn to you all to keep me accountable when it comes to my word for the year. 

I think that it will help me remember why I'm choosing to make faith more of a priority and it will also help me learn from you, too.

So here's what BELIEVE looked like in January:

I had a couple really chaotic and stressful weeks this month and I started to question why God was putting me in this situation. But then the lyrics of Hillsong's Oceans came into my mind (seriously it's like my life song) and I was reminded that in times of unknown and hardship, I have HIM to cling to and believe in.

I realized that I can't just choose to believe when it's convenient for me, but rather, I need to believe especially when it's hard because it's in those moments of hardship that I'm reminded why I choose to believe in the first place.

Trusting in Him means that I cannot wait until times are perfect, because there's no such thing as a perfect situation. Part of believing means trusting that He'll catch me if and when I fall. And that I need to make the most of each day while I've got it.

So what did YOU learn this month? How are your goals and resolutions going so far?


  1. This is good... actually doing the resolutions and keeping accountability!

  2. I haven't heard Hillsong's 'Oceans' but I've loved Desert Song so much since being introduced to it so I know I'll have to check that one out as soon as possible! I don't know what I've learned from my word yet, I will sit with it soon and consider it for now I've been trying very hard just to practice it constantly...

    Great job on believing in the tough times! I know it can be hard, growth is usually painful. Rooting for ha! :)

  3. That God is faithful. I had a mammogram scare and I clung to the truths I knew about Him. Thanks for sharing your heart.

  4. yes friend, yes.

    "I realized that I can't just choose to believe when it's convenient for me, but rather, I need to believe especially when it's hard because it's in those moments of hardship that I'm reminded why I choose to believe in the first place."

    belief in hardship is...simply hard, but so incredibly rewarding! i love this monthly check-in thing! it will definitely keep you accountable, and keep us thinking!

  5. I love that you added in the "incredibly rewarding" part of faith and believing. The hardships are definitely real and alive in my heart and life so it's remembering that there's goodness in the future and in Him that's keeping me going. :)

  6. The accountability part is so key for me right now. I want to actually change and I want to actually see a difference in my faith and I know that if I don't check in with myself (aka make it a blog post each month!), nothing will change. :)

  7. I actually haven't listened to much of Desert Song before but I am a HUGE fan of Hillsong. Their music is amaaaaazing. :)

  8. Praying for you, friend! I love that you clung to the truths during that scary time. God is definitely faithful and I am so encouraged by your faith!

  9. Amen to all of this- especially not waiting until times are perfect. Even though it wasn't a goal/resolution I've been learning and struggling with contentment a lot this month. Learning to be content when things and times are less than perfect has been my lesson of the month :) great idea with the accountability post! :)

  10. This is so good! I'm sorry that you had some stressful weeks this month, but oh so glad that you were able to rely on Him and discover things about believing! I love that song!!
    "Spirit lead me where my tryst is without borders, Let me walk upon the waters. Wherever you would call me, take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, and my faith will be made stronger in the presence of my Savior" YES!!

  11. I'm sure you read Amanda's blog, but I love that she chose content for her word of the year. I think it's something that I need to be challenged to do more of, especially because I feel like I get caught up in the "gotta get this done, gotta do this first" mindset. And thanks for commenting and keeping my accountable!!

  12. Oceans is DEFINITELY one of my all-time favorite songs. Honestly, as soon as you said you love that song, I immediately started thinking/wondering if you have a print of that in your shop--do you? I would love to buy it from you if you do!

  13. I've been wanting to write a post on my one word update as well. I really feel like the Lord gave me a plan for the whole year, not just a word. And that is to be "better". But, honestly, January felt kind of like a fail in most areas. I'm thankful that every day is a new day and February already seems to be on the road to "better."

    Also, I LOVE your two new buttons. Too cute, friend! :)

  14. Do it! I think it's a great way to keep that word alive throughout the whole year and it also keeps you accountable (plus I love that my word holds a different meaning through each season of life and each season of the year).

    Also, I love what you said about remembering that each day is a new day. I SO need to remind myself of that truth. That's something that the little kids teach me, but something that I need to put into practice more often!

    And thank you! I'm so thrilled that you noticed the new buttons. I've needed new ones for awhile now, haha. :)


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