January 2, 2015


Happy New Year, friends! I'm excited for 2015. Something tells me that it's going to be a good year. Then again, I have this feeling at the beginning of every year...

Hope you had a wonderful New Year's (did you stay up 'til midnight?) and here's to 2015!

15 printable calendars for the new year. 

I'd like this loft, pretty please.

Why bloggers need to support other bloggers. AMEN.

A look back on 2014 according to Google.

5 fun IKEA hacks to try this year.

Different is a present we shouldn't be afraid to open. 

A wedding in a river? How cool is that?

Wise words, indeed.

Loved this girl's word for the year. Psst...I'll be sharing mine on Monday!

And I love this wedding, too.

10 things bloggers should know about working with brands.

Slow cooker Chex mix? Sounds good to me!

Have a great one!


  1. Printable calendars...I need them all. Be right back, gotta go figure out what to do with 15 different calendars.

  2. Those Ikea hacks are too good. And I love this word for the year idea but have never been able to figure out what I want mine to be... I'm going to think more seriously about that this time around. Interested to hear what yours is!

    Happy 2015, and happy weekend!

  3. Hi friend!! I am loving your new look!! I super love that you hand wrote the 'logo' yourself!!! I love your handwriting!

    All those calendars are super cute! I want to print them all! Yes! I love that post on supporting other bloggers, I think I can take that to my own personal life too with friends on facebook...Ah IKEA, you wonderful thing you! I want to do all those hacks! oh my goodness how amazing was that wedding in the river! love those words! I need to print that out! That is a good word for 2015! I can't wait to hear yours! I shared mine yesterday! :) Ah chex mix! my mom used to make this at all the big holidays growing up! I haven't had it in so long though! I should make this!

  4. Is that your cat?! Oh my goodness. He's so fluffy <3

  5. Me, too! I'm all about free stuff--but a whole collection of free calendars? It's almost like being in Target! :)

  6. No, unfortunately it's not! I was walking in a park not too long ago and this little guy popped out and started following me. And he/she actually was really great about being in front of the camera! :)

  7. IKEA hacks are always good (in my opinion) but this post was perfect. Now I need to make my way to an IKEA! :)

    And I've always been a word-y girl, but it wasn't until a few years ago that I started coming up with words. I never really know what I'll come up with for each year, but something always seems to pop up in the knick of time!

  8. Aubrey!!! Yay, I'm so glad you're here! :) I am so glad you like the new blog header! I definitely don't have handlettering/calligraphy skills like you, but I'm trying! aka those words mean A LOT from you!

    And I cannot wait to see what your word is! I looove reading what people come up with!

  9. there's a CAT - yay cats! What a poser!

    Did not stay up till midnight though I woke up at midnight due to the noise of revellers...does that count?

    Happy new year to you! That loft is gorgeous!

  10. Aww, love that kitty! Mine don't sit still long enough for me to snap many photos of them. They are so camera shy. Love these links..and I really want that loft too! I've always dreamed of living in a loft like that. Lots of natural light, and mine has to have some exposed brick!

  11. I think I'm in the same boat as you! I stayed up because I heard fireworks and cars but other than that, I just stayed up a little later reading in bed. But I'm fine with that! :)

  12. My dog is the same way! That kitty is actually a random outdoor kitty in a park I was in and it was the friendliest one I've met yet. :)

    And exposed brick and natural light? Sounds PERFECT to me!


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