January 23, 2015


Happy Friday, friends! If there's one thing I'm thankful for this week, it's Fridays. For some reason this shortened work week seemed just like a normal five day week--am I the only one who feels that way?

Anyway, I hope you all have a splendid weekend and

On slow blogging. I'm a huge fan of this blogging trend.

Such a truthful life lesson, indeed. 

25 little ways to treat yourself better every day. 

Something beautiful to print out and hang up on your walls.

A fascinating iPhone photo challenge to consider trying.

50 no-fluff content-rich blog post ideas.

Dip-dye projects will always be a fave. 

On chasing perfection.

And why you should start a blog.

"We take photos to feel like artists on a Tuesday–and storytellers on a Sunday." Amen.

And since we're talking about photos, this engagement shoot is simply amazing.

And some sweet family photos, too.

p.s. In case you missed it, there's still time to join The Circle this month AND share your thoughts on the new post series, too! 


  1. Great links and that quotes about being and artist and writer is so awesome! haha I too am down with the 'slow blogging' trend too, i suppose I am doing it whether i like it or not these days with my heavy work load lol. Sometimes it's hard because being a blogger comes with it's own unique sense of insecurities, traffic, views etc etc but quality over quantity i stand by, create the content you want to read right? :)

  2. Thanks for including me, friend! Happy Friday!!

  3. i <3 the slow blogging trend (aka personal posts!) /// the succulent pot /// the post ideas (love those!) /// & the destination wedding! SWOOON

  4. Slow blogging is where it's at. :) You're right, though, it can be hard because being a blogger includes a lot of insecurities. But I think that quality is definitely better than quantity and I love that you agree!

  5. You are so welcome! You've been pumping out some great posts so I HAD to share them! :)

  6. Haha, yes! Personal posts are definitely a part of the slow blogging trend. Most definitely. :)

    And that destination wedding? Swoon, indeed!

  7. Slow blogging is going to be sooo good! I kind of switched to that last fall and I've had more post ideas than ever. I'm posting about what's going on and only what I want to post about. The best part is that I don't feel pressure (most days). It's been FUN!

    I recently (re?)-discovered Elle and Company and I LOVE it. Her blog is GORGEOUS and it's super helpful. I'm going to be over that a lot. :)

    I've never done dip-dye, but I really want to. I'm thinking a table cloth or curtains would be super fun. Or maybe a dress?!?! Those pots are cute, but I don't do houseplants, so I guess that's why I'm thinking fabric.

    I'm intrigued about the "we take photos to feel like artists on a Tuesday-and storytellers on a Sunday" link, but it's broken! :(

  8. Thanks for telling me the link is broken--it's fixed and here's the link (https://www.artifactuprising.com/the-stories-we-tell).

    The Elle & Company blog is gorgeous! She definitely has some great reads!

    And I love the idea of a dip-dye dress! It seems like a lot of fun and you'll have to show me what you end up with! I did a tee shirt a long time ago just for fun but didn't like the color I chose so there's that, haha. :)


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