January 30, 2015


Oh, Fridays. You are marvelous, you know that? I've always loved how Fridays seem so magical and full of so much joy. Even though Saturdays are my favorite, I still love a good Friday, too.

But enough of that. I hope you all had a great week and have an even greater weekend!

One of my favorite words of the year for 2015.

Funfetti biscotti!

This made me smile.

And if you need a heart check, read this post. Because "...maybe, just maybe, our biggest problem is our attitude."

6 tips for open shelf organization. Definitely going to have to keep this in mind for the future.

A cute and simple DIY wall decoration.

I'm not a huge bracelet fan, but I kind of like these ones.

Printing (and then making) these asap.

This cake sounds splendid (not to mention fun!).

And I'm totally DIY-ing and gifting these soon.

"You don't have to be chained to your pageviews."

Words for this week/weekend.

Happy Weekend!


  1. oooooo... those little stars! Probably coming to a room in the house soon!

  2. Funfetti biscotti?! Yes, please!

  3. Thanks so much for the share, Kiki. Glad to be a part of your blogging week! I appreciate you. :)

  4. I have always loved these posts of yours soooo much! They always bring me so much inspiration :)

  5. funfetti biscotti WHAT?! I've actually only had biscotti once or twice...but I think I might eat it more often it was a funfetti one! :)

  6. Funfetti is just the best, right? Sprinkles make everything better!

  7. Aren't they awesome? I saw some bigger ones at a local store downtown and really wanted them but couldn't make myself pay for them. Printable DIY ones, however? Totally up my alley! :)

  8. Aw, thanks! I LOVE finding links and stuff and I can't help but share them with you! :)

  9. I know, right? Funfetti is THE best. :) I've only had biscotti a few times in my life as well and never would consider making them because I just eat them plain (as opposed to eating them with coffee or something). But funfetti ones? Definitely pinning that recipe for later!


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