February 20, 2015


Because every blogger needs to post a random/crazy outtake photo. This, in my defense, was taken when I was telling my sister to take a few closer-up photos. And of course, she lovingly pressed the shutter release throughout the whole thing. 

This is an interesting concept for your Instagram shots!

5 questions to ask yourself if you have a hard time saying no. So good to hear these thoughts from such a successful blogger/business owner!

On balancing full-time jobs and blogging.

These DIY business cards look like so much fun to make.

The perfect wintry party.

On blog expectations. So many good words in this post. 

A truly wonderful + inspiring interview for bloggers/creatives. 

And some cute printable birthday cards. 

Iceland looks beautiful, right?

Be brave with your art. Amen. 

Are you celebrating or focusing your mind/heart on Lent? I loved this friend's thoughts on this season.

White space + geometrics + photography = awesome.

This friend's photos are always stunning, but this one is quickly becoming a fave.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. instagram tattoos...? weird.
    i am obsessed with those DIY business cards = pinning!!
    winter party + iceland...swooon
    and thank you for the THREE sweet shotouts! :) love you girl!

  2. I love trying to get someone else to take pictures!!! NOT! :( lol! It's always SUCH an "adventure". :) My family loves zooming in on my face or my feet and it gets me every single time!

    So....The winter party is the thing that caught my eye this week! I loved Amy's post from earlier this week on blogging expectations too! :)

  3. I always look forward to the links you share. Exposes me to so much!

  4. I'm glad you like them! There are definitely some cool links out there to check out! :)

  5. Haha, that sounds EXACTLY what it's like when I get someone to take my photos. My family chooses the weirdest things to focus/crop/zoom in, too!

    And those were both great links, especially Amy's! :)

  6. Weird is what I was thinking! Weird, and "how did anyone ever think of that?" :)

    And I want to make those business cards SO badly. They look easy enough and they look so fun, too!

    And those shoutouts? Definitely warranted. Your blog was on fire this past week!

    ...not that it isn't normally, though. :)

  7. hahaha some weeks are better than others ;)
    and those cards - i will be making them! haha for my photography side of things!

  8. Um, actually your blog is ALWAYS spot on. This past week's post just really spoke to me. :)

    And I cannot wait to see what yours look like! I'm still debating what colors I want to use for mine and how I'll print mine, too!


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