March 6, 2015


There's currently a fly buzzing around inside and let's just say it scared the crazies (or whatever you call it) out of me when I turned the light on an hour ago. How's that for an exciting intro? 

Anyway, to answer your question--yes, I do indeed get startled easily but I'm just dropping in to wish you all a lovely weekend and leave you with some links from this week. I hope you had a great week and have a great weekend!

The colors in this wedding are so pretty.

A cute studio apartment tour.

I can't get enough of this sweet family portrait session.

And a new-to-me blog I'm falling in more and more love with. Her lifestyle and personal posts are a-mazing (especially this one and this one, too.).

Nearly all of my fave design books in one short and sweet list. 

Blogging prompt ideas for this month.

Plus a brilliant way to use some of my IKEA frame collection. 

For when you've lost your way blogging. So many great words in this post. 

Adding this book to my wishlist!

How to stop yourself from crying.

You. Are. Enough.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Is that photo from now??? Because Oh My Gosh... so ready for spring!

  2. i get the fly thing - i sometimes am startled easily as well haha.
    that entire wedding = LOVE the colors, as you said, are just lovely!
    and i love the orange grove family session - simply lovely
    thank youuuuu for the introduction to from roses - she looks incredible!
    the blog prompts
    and the joy book - yes!!

    great links!

  3. i thought the "how to stop yourself from crying" was going to be a funny post. but i am SO going to try that!!!

  4. I am startled SOOO easily too. My husband has made a game of breaking me of it - he says that he is pretty sure I'd be useless in an emergency. So he likes to randomly scare me so if we are ever really in trouble, I have nerves of steel. So far I just get scared a lot.

  5. I had to laugh at your husband's theory of breaking your easily-startled ways because that's so funny! I've never really thought of my easily-startled tendencies being related to emergencies before! :)

  6. I thought that when I first read it, too! But I actually tried it and it works pretty well for me, at least! :)

  7. Okay, so you caught me. It's totally a photo from last year BUT this week has been crazy Spring/Summer-ish! We've had weather in the lower to mid 60's and it's been so sunny (the daffodils are out, too!)! But, if it makes you feel better, we're supposed to get rain next week. Typical PNW weather! :)

  8. Haha, I get startled WAYYYY too easily, it's not even funny. And I somehow manage to get myself into the kinds of situations that leave me startled, too. :)

    And that wedding and the orange grove sessions? Totally my cup of tea. I just wish I had places like that nearby to take photos in! :)

    Also, that blog is AMAZING. I can't believe I didn't discover it sooner!

  9. I hope you have a good weekend!

    I like the links you share. They are always fun. I have 4 of the opened so now I'm off to check them out.=)

  10. I hope you do, too! And I love hearing positive feedback about the links I share--it's fun to see that other people like the posts I share as much as I do! :)

  11. i tried this out a few times since i left that comment... and it works pretty well for me too! hooray!!

  12. So cool that it works pretty well for you, too! Hooray for finding handy tricks on blogs! :)


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