March 30, 2015


Oh, March. How I loved your sunshine-y days and the chance to enjoy a new season. Growing up, Spring was never my favorite because it meant flowers which also meant bees. Even though I've never been stung, I'm afraid of pain so just the idea of getting stung sends a shiver down my spine.

But anyway, I think these photos really show just how much change has happened and how much has changed. The lighting is brighter, the sky is bluer, and the colors are starting to pop. Spring, my heart is slowly making more and more room for ya. 

What did you see/do/learn this month?

p.s. You can also check out January and February's photos.


  1. This is so pretty! I love your monthly pictures.

    I thought of you this past weekend. We helped run a VBS at a small town. The church is brand new and many of the members are kids. There are 4 boys, probably between 8-12 years old, and they all have been taught the ukelele. They are the church musicians. I was so impressed that they are serving at such a young age.

  2. Love all of these images, so beautiful!

  3. I read this: "March Into Photos" ooops! :) lol

    I love all of your pictures, but the shots of the rock wall and the globe are my favorites! :)

    How's the ukulele progress coming?

  4. I always love seeing your photos! It definitely looks like spring has sprung for you, with all of those flowers (even on your shirt). (: We have a crocus blooming at work, but those are the only flowers I have seen here. I'm just glad that the snow is gone. What kind of cookies did you make?

  5. Love this post Kiki! Beautiful photography :)
    Gosh, March was a crazy month for me! It started out really discouraging, but it has unfolded beautifully, and God has taught me a lot in these 4 weeks. I am SO so glad for spring and all that it brings with it!

  6. Thanks, Beka!

    And how fun! That's so cool to think of a church that has such a significant amount of children in its family. We have a pretty decent amount of kids in our church and it's always fun to see them sing and just declare their love for Jesus.

    Anyway, how cool that those boys are the church musicians! That's awesome--and also super motivating for me to learn more ukulele! :)

  7. Lots of marching this month, haha. Loooots of marching. :)

    And I love that you love those photos--they're my faves, too. I love that old brick in our backyard. My parents put it in when we first moved and I just love how it looks now. And that globe was a hand-me-down of sorts from my grandma. It used to be on an old stand but we took the wooden stand off because it was too wobbly!

    The ukulele progress has been stalled these past few weeks. I actually bought it a case and since it's no longer out and visible, I haven't used it as much (out of sight, out of mind, I guess?). I really do want to learn more, so maybe I'll play around with it later tonight!

  8. Thanks, friend! That means a lot coming from you!

    Aw, that's so good to hear! January and February were kind of tough months for me but it's always good to hear when God uses that time to teach us something. :)

  9. Thanks, Teresa! I actually really miss taking photos so I'm glad I'm using these posts to get back to it. :)

    And I cannot believe all the snow that's fallen this year across the country! We didn't get any, but I've seen some states have it for moooonths. Glad to hear that you don't have any and can hopefully get more blooming flowers instead!

    I can't remember what kind of cookies they are, actually! My mom found the recipe in the newspaper and I just made it to try them out. They're a chocolate chip, honey, oatmeal, and coconut cookie and they were pretty yummy!

  10. March always has me marching! :)

    Thanks for sharing the stories that go with each of my favorite shots!!! That makes them even MORE special.

    Get that ukulele out girl!!!!

    *~ Victoria*

  11. I will, I will! I'm thinking now's better than never, right? :)

  12. Love those bright-colored envelopes!

  13. They really are spring-y, right? Gotta love snail mail! :)

  14. Lovely photos! I love spring, but the allergies...ugh, the allergies!

  15. Spring is so pretty, but I know the feeling of allergies. I don't have too bad of allergies, but my family does. It's definitely no fun at all! Hopefully yours allergies aren't too bad! :)

    And mockingjay
    alsooooo ummm yes. those cookies!

  17. That globe was a freebie from my grandparents! My grandma was going to give it away but she ran it by me because she wanted to know if I wanted it for my classroom. But I snagged it just for me, haha. :) We removed a weird wooden stand part and just attached it to the stand it was on and I love it.

  18. Yay! I super love that last picture!!! It just makes my heart happy! :) and YUM!!! Those cookies look delicious! That shirt is so cute, and are those cowboy boots? :) How is the ukulele coming along?

  19. That last picture was my fave by far, too. I loved how the lighting turned out!

    And those are actually just plain brown riding boots, nothing special. At times I wish I had cowboy boots, though!

    The ukulele is coming--I haven't played it recently (even though it's quite literally sitting in front of me). How's the cello going?

  20. Ahhhh one of my favorite posts as always! I was going to ask if you play the guitar but I see below that it's the ukulele? How fun!

  21. It's one of my favorite posts to create (and it's also one of the easiest!). :)

    And yes, I do play the ukulele. Not very well, and I've only played for a few months now, but I wanted a new challenge and this was the winner!

  22. New challenges are good! You should post a video of yourself playing sometime :) it doesn't need to be perfect! :)

  23. Haha I totally get that! I posted like an 8 second clip of me playing the piano on IG and FB last fall and must have practiced for like 3 hours straight before posting it. That darn perfectionism :p

  24. Haha, you know me WAY too well. :)


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