April 3, 2015


Happy Easter Weekend, friends! Got any plans for Sunday? We might have a family dinner and I'll be with the little kiddos on Sunday during Sunday School (and then church, of course), but other than that, I'm looking for a typical recharging/relaxing weekend.

As always, here are some links to love to help you get started on your weekend:

5 sweet ways to use your pizza dough.

And 6 things to do during your downtime to fully recharge. 

These would be my spring Target picks, too (especially the first collage!).

A fascinating app. Would you try it?

Easy tips for keeping work at work. I'm going to start trying the last one!

And I'm oddly mesmerized by these photos. 

I'm thinking about trying this cake recipe for Easter this weekend.

And maybe I'll try these cookies, too?

I'm always down for a good before and after.

This list made me laugh (4, 11, and 18 are sooo true!).

And a pretty (plus pretty simple!) Easter centerpiece idea.

Have a lovely weekend and even lovelier Easter Sunday!


  1. now i want to make pretzels and cinnamon rolls!
    oooo moment. that app sounds fabulous!
    the pictures in the kitchen...moving, FABULOUS
    i love love love your links today girl!

  2. Haha I was like waiting for a "ghost" to pop out in those photos. I'm lame. xo

  3. Aren't those photos weird? It's like partially creepy and partially cool, haha. :)

  4. I know, right? SOOOO true and pretty much the story of my life.

  5. See, those would be carb cravings for me, too! :) Pretzels, bread, cookies, cinnamon rolls. Yep, I'll take them alllllllll.

    And aren't those food/kitchen photos crazy interesting? I was partly fascinated and partly creeped out when I first saw them!

  6. Who knew there were so many delicious uses for pizza dough?! I don't think I would like the results of that app..... Also, those pictures are pretty crazy!

  7. I know, right? I've heard of making cinnamon rolls out of pizza dough, but never would have thought of the other ideas!

    And that app would probably be good for me, but also sooo annoying, haha. :)

    And yes, those photos are pretty crazy! At first I was weirded out by them and then I could stop watching. :)

  8. That list is my new favorite! haha I was laughing and nodding my head at every single one! Target oh Target... why must I love you so much! All of those things are delightful!! I especially love the coral reef lamp! So cute! Oh my! Those photos... they are so interesting, I can't look away... I love the ceiling (and natural light!) in number 15-16!!

  9. That list cracked me up! I totally do most of those. Glad I'm not alone! Hope you had a great Easter :)

  10. That list was pretty much the story of my life. No joke. But reading it definitely made me chuckle!

    And those photos AND the Target picks? THE BEST. :)

  11. That list was hilarious, right? It was hilarious and yet so true for my life. :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter as well!

  12. oh wow that app is insane....i'm oddly drawn to getting it haha! i don't know why though AT ALL

  13. Isn't it crazy weird/cool? I love the concept of it, but it kind of scares me, too! :)


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