May 15, 2015


the best teacher gift ever. 
Happy Friday, friends! It was rainy off and on this week (after 80 degree weather last weekend) so we shall see what kind of weather this weekend brings. I just want to know when it's time to put the rainboots away for the summer...

The perfect spring drink to sip on.

I'll take one of each of these pillows, please (especially this one!!!).

This photo session. LOVE.

And this photo session, too. The location(s?) they chose are spot on.

Best. Professor. Ever. 

How to really keep flowers fresh.

I kind of want to try one of these--does anyone have any recommendations for sizing?

The best optical illusion I've seen in a long time. 

And some truth for this weekend.

Have a great one!

p.s. The Circle is coming WEDNESDAY!!! So if you're in need of a post for next week and/or something to do this weekend, I'd love to have you join in and create a Spring moodboard!


  1. What a sweet gift from one of your kiddos! I love getting artwork from my sunday school kiddos and my pediatric patients at the clinic I work at as a pediatric nurse practitioner.
    I am in LOVE with the link on the study for how to keep flowers fresh!!!! I will try keeping my flowers in the fridge at night from now on!

  2. It really was and is! :) Artwork gifts are by far my fave and getting them from your pediatric patients must be so special!

    And let me know how the flower fridge trick works for you! :)


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