May 27, 2015


We all have days when we want to quit. Quit our jobs, quit our roles, quit our circumstances and responsibilities. We get overwhelmed, over-worked and are under-appreciated. Days get hard and times are tough. Sometimes there will be days when everything goes right, but there are also days when things are just the opposite.

So I'm here today to tell you that I get it.

I know how you're feeling. 

How you're running on your last strings of endurance, waiting for the sun to come out.

Hoping that things will change.

I get it. I hear you. And I'm offering a virtual high-five because I KNOW that you can do it. 

That you'll get through this--no matter what this is for you--because you're strong.

You are NOT defined by your job, your role, your circumstances or responsibilities.

You are created for MORE. And you are created to enjoy. To love. And to be loved. 

Friend, I hope you realize that you've got more in yourself, more strength, more energy than you know.

Why? Because it's friends like you that get me through my tough days. <3


  1. Hi Kiki,

    Thanks. This post came right on time for me :)

  2. This is such a sweet post. Thanks for the encouragement and same goes for you! - Svetlana @ Life with a Side of Wine

  3. Aw, glad this came with good timing, friend! :)

  4. You are beyond welcome! Thank YOU for reading my blog! :)

  5. Thanks, Svetlana. Thank YOU for your feedback!!

  6. i want to quit being pregnant! haha
    virtual high five right back at yea sister. loved this sweet little post. xx

  7. You're getting so close, right?!?! :) Eep, how exciting!

  8. Thanks for this! I needed to read this today! :)

  9. Glad it resonated with you--I've read so many encouraging posts and I felt the need to pass on encouragement to others, too! :) Have a great weekend!

  10. y.e.s.
    i've had a lot of those days lately - just life is so busy.
    we are most definitely created for more...such great thoughts (as always) kiki!

  11. Oh goodness, that was this week for me! :) Hope you get a chance to rest, friend!!!


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