May 18, 2015


Most of the time, my lunch breaks involve me scarfing down lunch while filling out paperwork, making copies, or answering questions. Most of the time, I try to do all three things at once. People say that I always "look busy" when I walk down the halls and I wouldn't blame them because I walk like I'm on a mission--which is mostly true, considering the times when I escape the classroom are for making last-minute copies, leaving for meetings, or going to the bathroom.

But my co-workers and friends have been really pressing me to just take a moment to breathe and take care of myself. Something that I'm definitely still working on. 

A few weeks ago, I managed to escape the classroom and even left the building to take my lunch break. I escaped to a quiet area nearby, put my bag down, pulled out Instagram, and simply enjoyed the sunshine streaming through the window. 

And then I ate my lunch in silence. 

Simply put, it was glorious.

After finishing my salad, I pulled out my earbuds, zipped up my jacket and headed outdoors. 

Because we all know how much this girl needs her Vitamin D and fresh air. 

Listening to my worship music playlist, I walked around and just enjoyed the peace and time alone. Sure, there were cars and people walking around, too, but I was able to just soak up the sun (hiding behind clouds, of course) and just recharge. 

Recharging may seem like it's overrated, but friends, it's not. We all need time to refresh--introverts or not--and taking care of ourselves helps us take care of others. Amen?

Now I just need someone to remind me of that everyday around lunch time...


  1. Amen! I actually love getting outside on my lunch break to walk around in silence. Sometimes I call my mom to catch up, or I read sometimes too. It's great to get away from your desk (and I read an article saying it's better for your health!).

  2. Silence is golden, right? I love being able to plug my headphones in, walk around, and eat lunch in silence. It definitely recharges me for the second half of the day! And I love it even more now that I know it's backed by an article/research!

  3. I am SO glad that people are pushing you to take a REAL lunch and I'm glad that yours was so refreshing! I can totally vouch for the power of fresh air and vitamin D- getting outside on my lunch break when I can breaks up a 13 hour shift like nothing else can!

  4. I usually read during lunch. Last night when I got off of work I just sat on the couch nothing on and it was bliss. I need more time like this. Thanks for the reminder.

  5. That sounds like my kind of night (and lunch break, too!). I love the chance to just treat myself to time alone and for time to unwind, too. Glad you got to enjoy and take time for you!!

  6. I've been trying--with help and encouragement from you, too! :) I don't always get it in, but I've made it more of a priority, especially as the weeks get crazier and the end of the year quickly approaches. Vitamin D and fresh air does me wonders! :)

  7. Oh, I am in total agreeance with you on recharging! Sometimes, you just need to get out of your head and get some fresh air! I also listen to worship music during my walk. But, of course only one ear bud so I can hear cars. Getting run over is not something that's going to help my recharging! :)

  8. I completely agree! Breaks are so crucial and I've realized the longer I teach (in years), the more crucial they are for my health and well-being. And I listen to my music pretty quietly and will only use one earbud if I'm near streets and stuff! :)


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