June 5, 2015


Happy Friday, friends! Don't bubbles solve everything? If I honestly had to choose a few of my favorite toys for kids, I'd definitely include bubbles on the list. They are fun no matter the age, am I right?

Anyway, I hope you have a wonderful weekend! It's June and next week is the last week of school--which means two preschool graduation ceremonies, Spirit Week, and lots of tears as I say goodbye to my soon-to-be kindergarteners!

On finding your calling.

These gold letters are so shiny!

I can't wait to try these this summer!

Some of the cutest dinner napkins yet.

Who knew there was a homemade version of this cake?

And these look pretty scrumptious, too!

The perfect print for summer. 

And to summer-ize your phone.

These wise words couldn't be truer to my life right now.

And something to make you smile.

Have a great one!


  1. We just found out (at the hospital) that Caleb LOVES bubbles. Definitely something we'll be messing around with a lot this summer to keep him entertained!

  2. Great links! I'm a major fan of the family-friendly pina colada - yum! The print is great too. And hello, baby goats, I wish I could still have that much fun in my weekend jammies! Happy Friday :)

  3. I think I just pinned everything.

  4. And it's funny that you mentioned that because I think I did the same thing! :)

  5. Those baby goats are WAY too cute (and the perfect thing to watch as you start your weekend!). :) You'll have to let me know if those family-friendly pina coladas are any good because they look yummy!

  6. Aw man, sorry to hear about that hospital visit! But hooray for discovering how much he loves bubbles! I bought a bubble machine from Amazon for the kiddos at work and they LOVE it (as do I, haha!). :)

  7. Loveeee those wise words. :) Goats in pajamas! Ahhh!

  8. We've talked about buying a bubble machine and just putting him in front of it whenever he gets fussy. ;-)

  9. Aren't those goats in pajamas adorable? I spotted them and KNEW I had to put them in this week's list of links. :)

  10. Mmm so many yummies! I want to try those popovers and the cake! I've never heard of cherry chip cake. Sounds interesting and yummy!

  11. They really all sound yummy! I'm all about desserts right now (which is weird, because I don't consider myself a sweet tooth!). :)


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