June 19, 2015


Sweet, sweet summertime. I say this every year, but I could really get used to sleeping in, reading late into the night, and simply getting the time to enjoy and savor the days. I'm excited to fill this summer with memories with my family and friends and cannot wait to get back into blogging, too.

Here's to the weekend!

How to pack light for a weekend away. 

Such a sweet, sweet family photo session.

These look yummy.

Too many pretty backyards in one post. 

5 common clutter problems and how to solve them.

A few questions each and every blogger should ask him/herself.

28 people on the most life-changing thing they did in their 20's.

Have a great one!


  1. Those blogger questions are good--I'm going to spend some time doing that this weekend!

  2. Great links again, girlie! The popsicles look awesome and are a perfect excuse for me to finally dig out our wedding registry popsicle maker. And the blog questions are great too - I struggle with feeling the need/trend to push to monetize my blog when really I'm fine just doing it for fun and not having to deal with sponsorships or deadlines. It's hard to stay focused on what you started it all for sometimes.

  3. Michelle Olthuis MoehleJune 20, 2015 at 4:02 PM

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    Thank you so much

    xo, Michelle


  4. I love that last one! I can relate to a few things they said.

  5. I hope you got a chance to go through those questions this weekend! I need to really go through them myself, too! :)

  6. Oh, I feel the struggle, Sarah! I struggle with doing this whole blog thing for "free" when I know so many other people who do it for money and make money off of it. But when I think about it, I know that if I did things for money, a piece of the fun of blogging would go away because I would have to deal with ads/sponsorships or the like. So even though I would love the money, I would much rather fave fun like you said!! :)

  7. Me, too! It was SUCH a fascinating read. :)


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