June 26, 2015


Happy Friday, friends! Can someone please tell me how we're already at the end of June? I am constantly amazed by how quickly these long summer days go by--especially when I've spent so much of this week simply relaxing (aka catching up on TV, if I'm being honest).

Edible sprinkle bowls. 

As well as some other quick and easy tips for making your floral arrangements last longer.

This photoshoot. 

And what to do when you have no ideas. A lovely sequel to her other post for when you have too many ideas! 

Have a lovely weekend, friends. A lovely one, indeed. 


  1. there is just something about succulents at the moment! I feel like i want them everywhere in my house and office!
    and yes - what the heck is with this year - its flying by. i too can't believe its June and almost July...its freaking me out! Time is indeed precious!

  2. I know, right? SOOOO awesome.

  3. I'm the same! I'm all about succulents and plants right now--it could very well be because the ones I have are still alive, haha. :)

    The fact that we're more than halfway through 2015 is beyond me. Time is flying by for sure!


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