June 1, 2015


bright and cheery.
found while hiking. 
clearance purchase. 
wood lover. 
the hill. 
the views. 
mother's day carrot cake. 
mother's day vase. 
always writing lists. 
the start of summer YA reads. 
As I was editing all of this month's photos, I was amazed at just how much light there was and is. And it was a reminder of just how much light there is in the world. How much goodness, how much love, how much life there is, you just have to find it.

And when I was hiking up that hill with the (well, racing, because my dad and I like to compete together like that) to look at the power lines, I was reminded at just how small I am in this world. And just how small my problems are.

So yes, I do get a little philosophical--or whatever you call it--at times. But mostly because there are so many moments that pass by way too quickly.


  1. Agreed, before you know it it's next year! The passage of time never ceases to amaze does it?

  2. Yes, so much light and so much beautiful nature here! Lovely photos as always. And the little army guy cracked me up.

  3. Gorgeous pictures!!!!

    What other YAs are one your summer list?!?!?!

    Did you make that vase??? It's super cute!

    Those hiking pictures always remind me of the walk down to the lake at my grandparents' house! They have these huge powerlines on their property and I was always mesmerized by them!

    That duvet is PERFECTION (and even more perfect since it was on clearance)!!! Have you done any updates in your room? I'd love to see this when it's on your bed. :)

    I love the little army man! Was it sitting on that stump or did you pick it up and put it there?

  4. I always love getting to see your photos! That new duvet cover is so pretty, and I love the lines on that carrot cake. I bet it was delicious. And those power line photos? So gorgeous! That army guy is pretty funny. (:

  5. Oh my gosh... the toy soldier! Big Bro hid his toy soldiers all over the house so that I would "find them and think of him!" I'm leaving them where I find them!

  6. Have you finished that book yet?? I loved it!

  7. Lovely photos! Your photography is always inspiring!

  8. I just finished it two-ish weeks ago and just started the second book in the series (that apparently just came out last week?!?). I love Jenny's writing and quickly fell in love with the three Song girls (especially since I'm a middle sis of three sisters!). Have you started the second one?

  9. Thanks, Candice! I wish I would take more because I love taking them, haha. :)

  10. Agreed! It's so hard to believe how quickly time can pass!:)

  11. Haha, Big Bro cracks me up (well, actually both of your boys do!). I love that he hides them so you'll find them and think of him--that's actually quite a genius idea! :)

  12. Thanks, Teresa! I am so glad you liked the power lines, too. I have a thing for cool lines in photography and could not get enough of them! :)

  13. I don't have any others at the moment--I started Fangirl and want to read Eleanor and Park (because they were so popular last year, maybe?) but I just have this odd craving for YA fiction in the summertimes. :) I also want to read the second book in that book series I photographed. Do you have any recommendations?

    And that is so cool that they have powerlines AND a lake! That sounds like photography heaven!!

    That duvet cover is actually making things a little tricky for me painting-wise. I really want to paint my room grey but that duvet cover is fairly grey. And I'd go with white, but my furniture is white. So I'm a little stuck with paint colors! :)

    The army man was a random find while hiking! I found it on the stump (which was by a bench) and HAD to photograph it because it looked so cool/cute!

  14. Light and nature, my two favorite things to photograph. :) How's your 365 project going so far?

    And that army guy was my mom's find! She spotted it while we were hiking on the side of the fire road we were walking on and I HAD to photograph it of course!

  15. The "found while hiking" one is great!

  16. Gorgeous photos, Kiki! I really love the one with the Mother's Day vase. So lovely. I really love your style!

  17. It was just too great not to capture and then share, too! :)

  18. Thank you, Natalie! That means a lot to hear that--I'm all about nature and natural light and I love hearing that people enjoy seeing my photos!

  19. I JUST started my YA pick for June which is "Paper Daughter" by Jeannette Ingold! About three years ago I read a book that she wrote called "Hitch". I loved it so much that I read it to my brother and sister while they were sick and then I read it to myself AGAIN later that year (I almost NEVER re-read books). I'm hoping that "Paper Daughter" is just as enjoyable! Last summer, I read a book called "Navigating Early" by Clare Vanderpool that was also really good. Other favorites from last summer are: "Summer of the Gypsy Moths" by Sara Pennypacker, "Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library" by Chris Grabenstein, and a series by Rene Riva. Here are my reviews: http://myjourneyforhim.blogspot.com/2014/06/summer-stack-2014.html

    Well...I see NAVY in that duvet, which is what I went with for my room! BUT, I know that you want to keep it light. What if you went with the LIGHTEST and least used grey in the duvet cover? I think that could work! That would tie the duvet to the walls and would all look great with your white furniture. From there, you could use the peach and the navy and even the hot pink for other items throughout the rest of your room! Pillows...Throws...Frames...Candles...Curtains..You name it!

    *~ Victoria*

  20. ps - If you want to talk paint colors, I'm all over that!!! It's the most difficult decision, but I have a ton of fun looking for the right one!
    *~ Victoria*

  21. Wow, I've never heard of any of those books! I'm going to have to do a little searching at my library to see if I can find any of them. :) You'll have to let me know if Paper Daughter is good, too!

    You're right, I want to keep things light. I get a lot of natural light in my room in the afternoons and want to really soak all of that up. I feel like white would be a little TOO white because of the light, the white curtains, frames, and the furniture. I really am learning towards a grey, though, because I feel like it would be light without being too white. I just cannot decide how light I want to go! I've debated recently about going with a darker shade because it would bring in a little more contrast, but I'm still not sure. I might have to do a little sampling or something! :)

    And I'll definitely keep you in the loop because I LOVE bouncing ideas off of you!

  22. So .. what did you think of the Jenny Han book? I know the sequel just came out and I've heard good things. Is it worth adding to my summer list? :)

  23. I liked it a lot! If you like YA fiction, I think you'd like this one. I'm all about easy reads during the summer and this one definitely fit that for me. I actually had no idea she wrote a second book in the series when I first started! But I have it now and just started it. Let me know if you begin her series!

  24. Once again one of my favorite ever posts! And I LOVE how you get philosophical and deep just by being at the top of the hill with power lines. I think that finding lessons in the little things like that is a sign of wisdom :)

  25. Aw, thanks Sarah! I actually REALLY love these posts and it makes me want to jump in and do another 365 project next year because I miss it so much. :)

    And I agree, I'm all about life lessons you learn from the simplest of moments. They're my fave!

  26. ahhh how i love clearance purchases! and that one looks like an awesome winner!
    (ps what did you think about that book? it was....ok to me i wasn't totally sold on it, but there is a second one right?)

  27. Clearance is always my fave. ALWAYS. :) And I liked that book! It wasn't my absolute fave, but I related to the main character because I'm the middle sister of three sisters. And I just started the sequel so I'll let you know how it is!


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