July 3, 2015


UPDATE (7/6/2015): If you're looking for a new post, you'll have to wait a short bit. I blogged not too long ago (read here) about entering in a slow blogging season and I've decided to take this week off from blogging to get rest, rejuvenation, and some brainstorming done. Have a wonderful week, friends!

Happy Friday and Happy 4th of July weekend, friends!

I am excited for BBQ, family time, and the chance to just hang out in the air conditioned house. I'm a huge wimp when it comes to hot weather (although, I'm a lot better than some members of my family, in my defense!), so fans and AC is what this girl needs in the 90+ temps we've had.

Hopefully you stay cool this weekend! Do you have plans for the 4th? Are you a fireworks person?

3 reasons why it's GOOD when someone unfollows you. 

11 things to remember when you're not feeling good enough.

Is this for real?

The definition of summertime as a kid.

I got hawk, what about you?

Blog posts for bloggers--because we all love a little blog talk, right?

Why you need to tell your story. 

And this simple truth. So. so. sooo. good.

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. Little Bro's 3rd birthday (WHAT?!!) is July 5th so we probably will be introverts and hide on the 4th to get enough energy for his party on the 5th! Ha! Sundays are long for us now, plus add in a kid's birthday party = work slap out.

  2. i tested out the undo feature in gmail & it works!!! :) love it!

  3. ooooo BBQ + family time = sooo good! and girl, you totally couldn't survive here. basically when you get ready in the morning you just know you're going to sweat through everything, so might as well put on lots of deodorant haha!
    + that list of 11 things when you're not feeling good enough, you have no idea how much i needed to read that (esp #8, 11)
    + i got robot!
    + i saved that article earlier this week (why its important to tell your story) so good
    + those words of wisdom....man, did i need that spoken to my heart this morning.

  4. Great link roundup, per ushe. Definitely pinning those shortcake bars. The popsicle version were my fav growing up! And yes for Francis Chan! Happy 4th, girl.

  5. The Young HopefulJuly 3, 2015 at 5:22 PM

    Love it all! Thanks for sharing!

  6. CRAZY!!! How is he going to be 3 already? I mean, I'm not even his mom (and haven't known him for that long, if I think about it) but it's still so hard to believe he'll be 3. How fun!

    And I'm all for hiding out on the 4th so you can celebrate on the 5th, especially since Sundays are long for me, too! :)

  7. No way! I need to try it out, too! I wish it was around since the beginning of email, though, haha. :)

  8. Thanks, Sarah! I loved those popsicles, too. I still crave them every now and then--now I have a recipe to try them out for myself and see if I still like them! :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  9. Yeah, I've heard how hot and humid it gets where you live. Pretty sure I would pretty much wilt and melt into a puddle if I tried living on your side of the country in the summertime! :) That, and stink, haha!

  10. Happy 4th of July! From a fellow hot weather wimp :)

  11. Thanks for stopping by! :) Have a great weekend!

  12. Happy 4th to you as well, Monica! Stay cool--so relieving to know I'm not the only one who doesn't fair well with hot temps! :)


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