July 24, 2015


scene from last weekend.

Oh, weekends, how you're wonderful and lovely even during the summertime. What are you up to this weekend?

This sweet family video.

And this equally sweet family photo session.

I'd like to stay here! Can you imagine how fun it would be for a retreat/meet-up?

I'm all about limes right now so these (obviously!) sound a-mazing.

On being YOU.

And why we NEED to give ourselves a break.

This top. Yes, please.

8 tips for hanging art. 

Have a great one!


  1. that shirt is adorable! and i probably missed it in an earlier post, but where was that picture taken?! it's beautiful!!

  2. those family sessions = love!
    ooo that place for a meet up YES!
    that top and the art!

  3. Oh my goodness, your first two links are too precious! And I must say, the top is adorable, but for almost $40, I'd rather wrap myself in one of my grandma's old bedsheets - which may actually not be too far off. lol

  4. You know, it's funny you mentioned the price because that's the only reason why I wouldn't ever order it. I would loooove more tops like that in my closet, but it's so hard to find them for cheap! :)

  5. Those photo sessions are adorable, right? And that meet-up location is so dreamy. So much light, so many lovely colors, and the perfect place to just hang out. If only it wasn't in the Boston area!

  6. I looove that top, too--it just needs to come down in price! :)

    And that's a photo from a beach my family went to last weekend! It was a really quiet spot, aside from my dog barking at all of the seagulls! :)


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