August 3, 2015


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Let's talk about the fact that I didn't blog last week--because I was hit by the worst summer cold ever. Let's also talk about the fact that when I felt the tickle in my throat I immediately googled summer cold symptoms--and I think that's why I was hit so hard (that's the worrywart/jinx-er in me). And by hard, I mean napping, watching Youtube, and pretending I wasn't missing out on sunshine.


I don't really know what this post will include, so I'll warn you ahead of time if randomness isn't your jam. But here are a few little things to maybe(?) hold you over until my next real post.

1. I've been cutting down my blog list because all I want to read about is LIFE. Not how to's, the 5 ways you can do ___, or the DIY projects. While those are all great, when I read blogs, I want substance. The nitty gritty, the ones that make you smile, the laugh out loud stories, and the moments that give you the worse heart check ever. Want to know what I read on a daily(ish) basis? Check out all my faves here.

2. I've been giving myself some grace when it comes to taking/editing/uploading photos on the old blog. I promised myself that I wouldn't use stock photos (here's my fave resource!), but I dipped my foot into it and I can't stop. I still love taking photos, but sometimes my fingers type faster than my hands can snap photos.

3. After asking a four-year-old what activity she wanted to do next, I was informed "you know, sometimes, all I want to do is just hang out." Apparently preschoolers hang out and chat now--because that's exactly what she proceeded to do.

4. Speaking of amusing, I can't get enough of Buzzfeed lately--am I the only one? So far, these two are my faves (if you watch one, you have to watch the other!). Oh, and these cute animal videos, too.

5. I'm looking for new books! Even though my bookshelf is full of books I've yet to finish (confession: I start more books than I finish because I don't want the good ones to end!) but I'm craving a new read regardless. Any suggestions?

So what's new with you? Was this post even the slightest bit interesting--please say yes! :)

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