August 21, 2015


That photo up there was quite possibly taken right before I almost got wet from a fountain right underneath me. I'm forever grateful for my sister's quick warning and my sorta quick reflexes. And for the fact that my clothes and phone didn't get wet...

My favorite pin of the week.

On handwriting.

There is ALWAYS room for you.

This is currently on my wishlist (where it will likely stay, haha). Anyone got some extra cash to send my way?

I'd like to live here.

And I cannot wait to dive into this list.

Have a wonderful weekend!

p.s. I need your input--what are your thoughts on Facebook pages for blogs? I have gone back and forth between wanting one and not wanting one because it's just another thing to update. BUT, with slow blogging, I feel like I need to announce my posts more often since they're not always on schedule. Yea or nay, friends?

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