August 5, 2015


CREATING classroom decorations! So far, I've got 50 pompoms to string for garlands and I've also got some fat quarters of fabric to cut into strips for valance curtains like these!

WISHLISTING this stacking ring set. The one I've had since high school got warped (and is a little loose) so I've been looking for replacements ever since.

HOPING I stay well! I was surprise-attacked by an icky cold last week which took me out for, well, the whole week. I'm so grateful for a somewhat swift recovery and I hope I don't get a cold again this summer (and here I thought I only got colds in the wintertime...).

EATING lots and lots of fresh fruit! From yellow watermelon (the best!), to blueberries, grapes, and peaches. Summer is the best.

WATCHING Friends and the Big Bang Theory. How come nobody introduced me to these shows earlier?

LINKING UP WITH Anne and Jenna! Thanks again for great link-up prompts, ladies!

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