August 10, 2015


I went berry picking last week with my mom and sister. It's late in the season (for us, at least) so we weren't thinking we'd find very many, but being the berry-loving people we are (our 6 bushes ended their season weeks ago), we were desperate.

So we headed out, dusty old shoes, sunglasses and all, and headed out to a local farm--full of rows, and rows, and rows of bushes.

We started out and from the front of it, there weren't many berries. In fact, I was a little worried we wouldn't find any.

But if you pull back a few branches, bend down and look underneath the green leaves? That's where the best berries are. The ripest, juiciest ones that get looked over from the naked eye (especially my crazy not-so-great eyes).

So being the thought-filled person I am, I couldn't help but connect these hidden berries with people--because yes, I'm just THAT weird.

It was one of those little moments that reminded me that people are just like those berries. They have layers that you have to unveil and like the hidden berries, people have stories and passions and even secrets that they hide beneath their "I'm good!" responses that you exchange during small talk.

And there are also people that are hidden among the crowds, too. It's easy to take friends for granted (what I've learned since this post). It's easy to see what you've got and want more.

But you've got to remember all that you have, and that sometimes, the best people you have are right before your very eyes. 

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